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  1. Here's a video of the completed project in which I tell everything about the build I'm sorry the spoken part is in italian, but subtitles are coming! In the meanwhile you can use Google's automatic subtitles.
  2. And all of a sudden came Tracer to take a photo with mister Oni... Revealing her secret deep love for the mod <3
  3. The best part of the day was when I found Kelly Hill Tone staring at the mod before her dj-set... Obviously, Mr. "Oni" asked me to take a picture of them both together... How could I tell him NO?
  4. And last but not least here are some photos I took at the Microsoft House event I was invited alongside my sponsors It was so much fun, and I really loved showing this project to the public for the first tyime in it's "final" form
  5. Here are some details for you... Ah yes! I almost forgot... also the cable combs are 3D printed
  6. And here are the logos of the sponsorssss.... so cute, I love them. I painted them with ink (only on top)
  7. The next step was to laser cut the logos and create a new side panel window cover with the "ONI" name on it. I decided to paint it matte black just to reduce the reflection with the red light on.
  8. The water cooling loop is composed of two parts: one in acrilic tubes and the other made with soft tubes. The acrilic part of the loop is in the upper section of the case while the soft one is in the lower section connecting to the loop the pump and radiator. Plus in these photos you can see the new heatsink covers. They are 3D printed badges with my logo and the main sponsor's one. As they were printed with transparent PLA plastic the RGB light shines trought. I also 3d printed a new thin support for the pump, as the original one was too large to fit inside the psu cover of the mastercase.
  9. After I was done with the painting it was assembly time! But first I had to cut out a hole in the bottom (and one on the top) to fit the radiator and actually be able to insert it in the case.
  10. I then painted white the spiky top and used the same technique I used on the skull to age the thorns.
  11. Then I was was invited by AK INFORMATICA and COOLER MASTER ITALY to finish the paintjob on the case body live at Cartoomics 2017, a big nerdy festival in Milan. It was SO MUCH FUN. So much. I loved it <3
  12. As I wanted to create an "infected zombie" kind of paint, with black veins all over, I decided to buy some black ink and blow it on the white paint coat. Here are some photos of the result, which IMHO is pretty damn sick.
  13. Once bought a new glass plate for my 3D printer I completed the thorns on the top and glued them to the case with superglue.