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  1. I also bought this cooler for a black and red AM3+ build i'm doing and was hoping to use this cooler along with the case and PSU for a Ryzen 5 build later on this year. However upon receiving the cooler i noticed it only comes with bracket for the plastic AMD attachments on the motherboard this puts the cooler with the fans pointing up and has no option to rotate the cooler 90 degrees for sideways mounting. I did a quick internet search and noticed Noctua do a really extensive kit for the AM4 socket that allows their coolers to be rotated 90 degrees. Are their any plans for cooler Master to provide the same for their customers especially since the Hyper 212 LED Turbo has the logo written on the heat sink for a east-west rotation???? Also will future coolers come with a back Plate style attachment for AM4 like the AM3+ and Intel socket does at the moment or will future coolers rely on the plastic tabs on the motherboard???