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  1. Actually, only the MasterLiquid 120 is already supported, the MasterLiquid Pro Series is listed together and it indicates that an upgrade kit is needed and will be available soon. I also read the chart the same way you did and I bought the MasterLiquid Pro 120 believing it was already supported. They should fix that chart so it explicitly lists out all the MasterLiquid Pro versions to avoid the confusion.
  2. It is not ready to go, as the upgrade kit isn't ready. I did figure out the confusion though. On the matrix provided here: I was looking for MasterLiquid Pro 240, except it isn't listed. MasterLiquid 240 is and that is where my eyes went and it seems to be supported. However, there is a generic MasterLiquid Pro Series that indicates "upgrade kit available soon". Why they broke out MasterLiquid 240 and MasterLiquid 120, but not MasterLiquid Pro 240 vs other MasterLiquid Pro XXX is where the source of confusion is coming from. They should have listed out all of the individual MasterLiquid Pro series to avoid this unnecessary confusion and frustration. I would not have purchased the Pro version if the matrix was more explicit.
  3. I bought this exact same cooler and I have the same problem. I only bought this cooler because it says it's ready to go for AM4, so WHAT GIVES?