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  1. The Scratch Curvz

    Didn't you finish your work?
  2. Project Maya

    Final Photo shoot! Part 2..
  3. Project Maya

    Final Photo shoot! Part 1..
  4. Project Maya

    Waiting for last photoshoot!
  5. Project Maya

    Finished product!
  6. Project Maya

    Only finishing touches needed.. Almost complete..
  7. Project Maya

    The original front panel is intact and using it to power all the led's and fan controller as it was supposed to be used Made an infinite mirror display for the lower front. Waiting for the laser cut logo.
  8. Project Maya

    Im in love with the front panel. Looks cool isn't it? The psu wire shroud looks good too IMO. The custom seidon 240p is on push pull setup. Had a hard time fitting it inside in this little space!
  9. Project Maya

    Limited resources. So had to go with some magical inc and distilled water!
  10. Project Maya

    Laser cut front panel design.
  11. Project Maya

    Sneak peak..
  12. Project Maya

    My other components.. RAM: Avexir Core Red 2400Mhz 8GB and Core Sabranco White 2400Mhz 8GB. SSD's: Crucial M4 128GB and ADATA SP550 480GB. PSU: Cooler Master V750 80+ Gold Modular Unit.
  13. Project Maya

    Component list 1: Motherboard: Asus B150i Pro Gaming Aura. 128GB M.2 SSD from Samsung OEM.
  14. Project Maya

    That matte black I/O shield looks dope and yeah I lost a drill bit!!
  15. Project Maya

    Some updates. Needs finishing.