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  1. After the major curves were done...I started doing the hole for the fan mount....in the top part I have done 3 fan mount hole...so can I can even attach a radiator in that place.... the hole were done pretty smoothly...so I went well indeed...
  2. The basic curving was done after some days to make it in a shape so that I can find out the correct place to put my hardware’s in. After making the basic curve my challenge was to make it stand without any support so I tried that and later on I have put a mark in the top part to make it compatible to mount at least three 120mm fans
  3. it was the hard part to bend all the curves in the right section for the component to fit perfectly.....it was a little bit trial and error but still the outcome was good I also fit the dvd-rw to check if the gap is enough in the front part to fit
  4. My Name is Rahat, and I am from Bangladesh....It's the 1st scratch build which I ever wanted to make. though it was remained unfinished for sometimes when I saw the CM2019 is On...then I give it a thought to finish my dream scratch build the let's see if it's worth the wait or not... ONE OF MY MAIN INTENTION ABOUT THIS MOD WAS TO USE MOSTLY SCRAP ELEMENTS TO MAKE THE SCRATCH-BUILD So I started to think about a build which will not require any parts from an existing case...which will be completely made outside the traditional pc case layout. and it struck my mind after I saw inwin's one piece metal sheet bending case...The S frame...then I thought NO I will not do it exactly like them...got to give it a unique touch of my own....then I started to work with bending a huge Acrylic sheet to give it a desired form to accumulate my pc components in it...and here started my SCRATCH CURVZ build... I have 1st started with a 5mm acrylic sheet then I started to bend it in the desired place where I want to accumulate the pc hardware such as motherboard, Psu and other things.... the bend was the hardest part to do in this mod as I didn't have any professional tool to bend the acrylic This Build was started almost a year ago but due to a great leg injury I couldn't finish it at all....and HOPING TO FINISH IT IN THIS CMWS 2019...
  5. Rkmodz

    Project Maya

    Great mod indeed...............:)