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  1. Rkmodz


    loved it....such an amazing work indeed....:)
  2. And after setting up everything...here goes the final look of my Scratch Curvz Some glam shots Backside.... From the front...
  3. Final paintjob done and finished look of the paintjob...... Back side... Close up
  4. Finished the paintjob of usb port.....ssd...gpu...and attachement of power button...
  5. The paintjob has been started...and I just love this part...though it's smell weird while painting...2nd coating of the camo paintjob done... Getting ready for the 3rd and final color coating.... Here's the gpu backplates nesh part.... And the finished backplate....
  6. The rust securing coating has been done.....test assembly was done to see how it looks... Then the base coat for the paint job... Here's the mother board standoff attached permanantly with the case... Also the back part work is in progress with my modding name in it.... The r9 290x custom gpu backplate paint job... Base coat of the back side panel
  7. Now time to see the font panel part as it's been months to get the real rusty look of the metal mesh.... Made a blown out damage front for the front fan intake show off.... Here's the natural rust....I've coated with matte clear paint to make it stay safe with my other peripherals.... It's an open air case or you may say test bench also....so I have kept the things nice and open
  8. And solved the motherboard stand off issues like a charm.... Made acrylic standoffs....and they went out pretty well indeed.... Now it's time to make the fan grill battle damaged..... Which was already naturally damaged because I kept it for months after painting for natural rusty look Battle damaged look is done....
  9. Rkmodz


    Your picture's doesn't shows in the log...please recheck and re-upload them again
  10. I thought to make the motherboard standoff by adding more nuts in the screw but it really screwed me up...as the nut got stuck later I had to cut the screw to get it out....so it's a no no plan....:( Thank God my motherboard was unharmed...:)
  11. Just made an initial start up to check out that everything works an fits correctly.....it's looks little crappy I know...but this will not stay as it is...so no worries....;)
  12. I will give the whole build a rusty and also battle damaged look so a lot of stuffs have been modded imperfectly to show everything during a battle doesn't goes as nice as it's planned...the top fan cut was little offset in one side which will be finished later... Motherboard cable cutouts The back part standing poles have been attached Mounting mechanism for the backside panel Just an initial dummy look of the case..... HDD or SSD mounts...I have made the mounting part little sloppy so that the ssd connectors becomes easy to attach Though I painted the front part black with 1 to 2 light coats but actually my target is to let it rust naturally so it's looks damaged...
  13. You gotta stay safe to work with the sharp parts...as this wiring has sharp edges so I had to use gloves to protect myself from any unintentional cut... Next up...making the front panel/cover of the build....for this I used metal perforated sheets or you can say mesh metal sheet....it was indeed a tough one to work with...but at last it turn out to be good....as I want the build do be battle damaged and rusty so I wasn't too much worried about the natural rust as I will give coats to protect my peripherals from that rust... Folded the :) in a way so that I can add front panel stuffs in it... made some front panel cut outs in it.... Attached the DVD-RW to see if it fits there perfectly or not I may ditch the DVD-RW later on....upon the final design...lets see...
  14. Now the case has it's own shape and standing nicely......:)... As it will be a open bench type case so I will keep the main panel open so hardware's can be swapped easily in any way....that's why decided to go with barbwire type wire frame for the side panel..... I have made the color white so it can be visible easily....:)
  15. LOVE your work always bro....wish I could see the finished build and your work in pure glory at CMWS 2019...I am also in the corner with finishing my one.....thinking will it be possible to be done within a day or not...:(