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  1. Rahat Khan Mazlish

    The Scratch Curvz

    Thanks a lot for the well wish bro......:).....hope to get well soon also.....
  2. Rahat Khan Mazlish

    Project Maya

    Great mod indeed...............:)
  3. Rahat Khan Mazlish

    The Scratch Curvz

    nope bro...........Got serious accident..........and the work was unfinished.........my bad luck..........:/........but will finish soon In Sha Allah....Thanks for your concern...:)
  4. Rahat Khan Mazlish

    The Scratch Curvz

    Had some marks and cut for top parts fan mount.... here's how the curved part look Marking and cutting quite a smooth cut indeed I guess....;)
  5. Rahat Khan Mazlish

    The Scratch Curvz

    Thinking to add the dvdrw drive in this part....maybe will consider to take the drive elsewhere after the build give a little shape.....;)
  6. Rahat Khan Mazlish

    "Monarch" project - finished

    looking forward to see more of it.........:)
  7. Rahat Khan Mazlish

    The Scratch Curvz

    This is the 1st work log of mine in this forum as a participant of Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2017. I am going to build a totally case structure less build which is under the Scratch build category of this competition. This scratch build idea came in my mind by utilizing the unnecessary stuffs which we might throw away.....my challenge in this build is to make something unique and raw so that my modding idea can take a little space among these extremely pro modders....:)....I am giving the mods starting pictures in here.......hope everyone will like it.... By the way my modding name is Rkmodz and here is the logo of my modding name.... \ Just started the mod with a clean acrylic sheet....and it was in my mind from the beginning to work with acrylic sheets as a scratch build... 2nd I wanted to make some major bends in the sheet to give it a unique look so started to mark up the bending points some major bending points marked Made two 90 degree bends one a small bend which I will be using as top part of the build and another one in the bottom part of the build These are the two 90 degree curves that I made....... This is the bottom part where the psu will stay and some other accessories if required Some more pictures of the bottom part.....