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    Thanks for your replies. After i RMA'd two different units of the same G750M model with the exact same issue, i returned the last one and paid the extra money to buy a Seasonic X 750. Problem solved. Thank you for your efforts to help me. As for myself, i learned my lesson. Maybe i was unlucky but propably not. CoolerMaster never again for me.
  2. Aris


    To anyone concerning (which i doubt it considering that no one replied) i returned my PSU to the store and they replaced it with the same model brand new. It has the exact same problem. I will return it tomorrow and buy a Seasonic, which is something i should have done from the start. I will stay away from ANY CoolerMaster product in the future and i suggest you do the same. CoolerMaster has absolutely NO respect for the customer, providing such shitty products. Stay away from CoolerMaster and spend your hard earned money into some reliable brand.
  3. Hello, This is my first experience with a Coolermaster PSU and i cannot say i am satisfied. I purchased a G750M PSU a month ago from an online-retail shop here in Cyprus. The PSU is mounted on a Corsair Graphite 780T. My issue is that i hear a constant whistling noise from the PSU. I cannot distinguish if it is coming from the fan or the internal components. The sound is extremely irritating and definitely noticable in my enviroment, especially on quiet hours. I concluded it is the PSU after i spend two days and nights taking my PC apart, deactivating all other fans, tighten and loosen every screw i could find in and out of my PC, and performing various acoustic tests. I returned it on the shop and they said they will test it to confirm the sound. Their tests returned nothing! I even looked myself at their test PC and i couldn't hear the sound it was producing when it was installed on my PC at home and of course they refused to replace it. I beg for anyone's help because this PSU is part of my new PC, which i saved money for an entire year in order to buy it. I know that i bought it a month ago and it is of course under warranty so what can i do here? What could be causing the issue on my PSU? I am one step before i ram my head to the wall from the desperate position i am in. I would gladly apreciate anyone's advice on the matter. Thank you and i apologize for the long post.