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  1. I got my Maker5 on Friday!. is a amazing case. From how the box is prepared to the insides. I will prepare pictures soon!. I do have some points that is good to have that will be great to do. 1. if you add a 280 AIO, like the H115i will have problem fitting that. Some users, remove the metal gap that prevent to sit the rad is like 3mm o 4 mmm, there are work around. like a spacer on top, 29mm fans etc. that small gap of metal sticking down is down side. I did not want to cut the case, so i got a H110iV2 and problem solve. 2. Please, remove the molex from the USB connectors lights from the top. You can use signal from the fan/led controller and add some way that is always light up. Or Make the cable longer! 3. in the back where the cables come from the top there is a channel that comes all the way to the lower part of case. On the end, there is metal area. Please remove that. That will help the cables to come directly to the lower part of the case, making the cables easy to manage! 4. Add a HDD light that is not the same as the System lights. if mine is broken please let me know. since the main case led, is wired to the same cable of the HDD activity. Add another light, white is nice contrast. 5. New motherboard, like the Asus Maximus IX hero have 1 USB 3.0 plug. Add on the try more routing holes. Small ones at least to clean installation. I order a USB 3.0 extension from DIYMODS so i can clean that!. 6. Can you make a option front panel to add a plexy or glass. Is someone of the community can make these i can order a maker from panel so i can send that and make that for me! and 7.... make 140mm RGB on all flavors with the box also so we can nse the maker 5 to it full brand potential! I am using ring on the hub and is a blast of air inside. a part of that !!!! keep doing the best of work. amazing design huge ways to make it yours!! Carlos
  2. Carlos De Bernard

    Maker 5 Case HD LED Not Working

    Hi BoulderJ. That is a good one. On my first installation mine did not light up at all. I check my motherboard manual, and check pin +/- orientation. These light is dual use. One is to see that the computer is on, and HDD activity. (unless mine is broken). If you correct connect the System Power LED will stay on (red) if you connect the HDD activity led correct, will blink with hdd activity on 1 led. BTW if you invert the polarity of the System power LED none will work! If someone have these differently please post also!.