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  1. Hey, thanks for viewing my first ever mod! Couple goals I set out to do with this. 1 was modify a box fan to be my intake, the idea is that a bigger fan can rotate at a lower RPM and generate the same CFM and hoping that means a quiter operation. The next piece was that I wanted this to be sit-stand. Nothing special here just purchased sit stand legs. The final piece is that I wanted to keep the build thin as possible and reduce the amount of visible wires as possible. You will notice some of the problems and hopefully see the end of the finish product. Unfortunately I lost the first few pictures of the building of the desk on a microSD card, when I have time I will find do a collection on that card and try to retrieve the lost images. While I do not have them there were a couple things I had to change during the building of the desk. Originally this was slated to be 2 inches thick, however with the pump being 1.8 inches tall that didn't leave much room for a novice water cooler like myself. The final thickness is 2.5 inches with a 0.5 inch thick bottom board. This means the psu and radiator are hanging below the bottom of the deskids in wooden cradles specially designed for them.