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  1. Hi Cooler Master Team, I'm owner of MLP280. I have question about the specification. When I bought it(9 months ago) there was no 2066 socket but I don't see any brackets information ... is version sold e.g. 1year ago compatible straight away with 2066 socket without any additional parts? Please correct specification to make it clear Second question: are you expecting MLP280 to be compatible with AMD TR4 (Threadripper) socket? Thanks !
  2. HAF XB compatibility with MasterLiquid Pro 280

    Hi Mohd Noh, thank you for the answer but ... I was asking about MasterLiquid PRO 280 and not nepton 280L (leave alone if they are the same ) Also how is with the AM4 mounting kit? I have not seen it in new cooler sets ...?
  3. HAF XB compatibility with MasterLiquid Pro 280

    Hi Cooler Master Team ... I have one your product and want to be new one ... Could you help me?
  4. Hi, is XAF XB case compatible with MasterLiquid PRO 280 ? Thank you for the answer.