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  1. Hi, I'm upgrading my computer with Threadripper 2950x in few weeks. Any chance of support for TR4 socket in context of MasterLiquid Pro 280 ? Cheers, M
  2. Hi, is there any chance there will be TR4 (AMD Threadripper) brackets set for ML Pro? Cooler Master uses PRO for this series of ML, MLPro280 is the highest TDP liquid cooler you have yet it's not compatible with high end AMD socket ... Cheers, AS
  3. Hi Cooler Master Team, I'm owner of MLP280. I have question about the specification. When I bought it(9 months ago) there was no 2066 socket but I don't see any brackets information ... is version sold e.g. 1year ago compatible straight away with 2066 socket without any additional parts? Please correct specification to make it clear Second question: are you expecting MLP280 to be compatible with AMD TR4 (Threadripper) socket? Thanks !
  4. Hi Mohd Noh, thank you for the answer but ... I was asking about MasterLiquid PRO 280 and not nepton 280L (leave alone if they are the same ) Also how is with the AM4 mounting kit? I have not seen it in new cooler sets ...?
  5. Hi Cooler Master Team ... I have one your product and want to be new one ... Could you help me?
  6. Hi, is XAF XB case compatible with MasterLiquid PRO 280 ? Thank you for the answer.