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  1. Thanks for the reply! Li-Heat PCI-E Gen 3.0 Ribbon flexible Riser Cable - v2 - Black They are available in diffrents lenghts and types!
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  3. The system specifications are : 4x GIGABYTE GTX TitanX 4-Way SLI Gigabyte X99 Gaming 1 Black edition Intel 5960X Extreme Core Corsair 64gb DDR4 @3600Mhz Memory Samsung 950 Pro 512gb SSD M.2 2x WD Black 6tb HDD Raid 0 2x CoolerMaster MAster Watt 1200 power supply 32x CoolerMaster MakerFan 140mm fans All is going to be liquid cooled by Bitspower components for all of the hardware. 1x Bitspower THOR GAIX99 Nickel Plated Full-Covered-Block (Clear) Model Name:BP-WBTHORGAIX99FCBNPAC-CL · 4x Bitspower VG-NGTXTITANX ACRYLIC Nickel Plated Model Name:BP-WBVGNGTXTITANXNPAC · 2x DIMM4 Block V2 Model Name:BP-WBDM4ACV2-CL or 2x BP-RAMS44V2-CLBK · 4x 560mm radiator 32 x CM Silencio Fan Red 140mm Fan · 4x Water Tank Z-Multi 400 (POM Version) Model Name:BP-WTZM400P-BK · 4x D5/MCP655 MOD KIT (Abrasive Silver) Model Name:BP-D5MA-ASL · 4x Bitspower D5 MOD TOP (Clear "S" Model) Model Name:BP-D5TOPACS-BK · 4x Bitspower Flow Sensor Silver Shining Model Name:BP-FS-CLBKSL · 2x BP-HDS350AC-CL · 8x BP-MVV-SLBK Silver Shining · 12x BP-YB Silver Shining · 16x BP-30R Silver Shining · 32x BP-90R3D Silver Shining · 4x BP-ETAIR Silver Shining · 4x BP-WTP-CT Silver Shining · 120x BP-WTP-C89 Silver Shining · 4x D5 pump 12V DC PWM Pump Motor Radiators from phobya 4x 560mm The system will be mounted on a flat custom surface.