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  1. Yes just order from the EU store http://www.cmstore.eu/cooling/amd-am4-upgrade-kit-for-nepton-series-rl-am4b-neps-r1/ . I got in down in Australia so USA should have no probs.
  2. Kit arrived yesterday. All works well.
  3. I ordered on the 15th of May and it was tagged as 'shipped' on the 18th. Cost EU7.50 all up for standard shipping to Australia, about AU$11.50. It's been 16 days so hopefully it arrives soon
  4. I see this on the EU store // AMD AM4 Upgrade kit for Nepton Series (RL-AM4B-NEPS-R1) http://www.cmstore.eu/cooling/amd-am4-upgrade-kit-for-nepton-series-rl-am4b-neps-r1/ Says "Expected release date is 17th May 2017" but is this just in EU as I don't see it in any other store??
  5. I received an email from CM with info about brackets. looks like they have now been pushed back further into June "Our latest batch of AM4 upgrade kits contains over 20 models, including the entire MasterLiquid Pro series. The kits will become available to order on our CM Store starting June 2017."
  6. Nah is ok, I like the Aorus too much - I ended up buying a basic CM Hyper TX3 EVO cooler to use until the bracket is available. Always good to have a back-up cooler just in case anyway. Hopefully the TX3 will fit without having to unmount the Nepton, and just swap it later, but I doubt it. Hopefully get to work on it over the weekend
  7. I used the Sabertooth 990FX too, was a great board.
  8. Hmm, Smart thinking. I bought the Gigabyte Aorus AX370-GAMING K7 so no AM3 holes
  9. Just received this message from CM Twitter. Looks like May now My rig has been waiting for a few weeks now, looks like I need a cheap cooler while I wait.
  10. I was told late March for 280L bracket on CM twitter .
  11. Jim

    Mic Volume

    HI, I've just unboxed and plugged in my masterpulse pro and the mic volume is ridiculously low. I've maxed out the levels in windows and still nothing more than a whisper. Any help on this would be appreciated as the mic is pretty much useless out of the box. I have used EqualizerAPO to boost the mic as this is the only fix it seems for USB mic's, however there is a large amount of distortion boosting the levels that way. I'm hoping you have a driver in the works for this headset. Thanks.