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  1. Hello all, I have finally completed the project, here are the final photos:
  2. I got a quick update, Here is some of the last components to go in the case that I just finished sleeving. Had to sleeve these cables and replace the red connector with a white one to match the case better. Internal USB Hub to help manage the aquaero components as well as the Hue+ Hub.
  3. Hey all, I got some more photos of the Led's for now until I figure out a way to mount the SSD/HDD's Here they are (Caution for anyone sensitive to moving colors/lights): Gif of the LED's
  4. I got a small update for the GPU mount and sleeving. Here's the flowrate Wire, I got a couple more wires to do in the case, but I got to wait for more sleeving to come in: Heres the GPU Mount, I still got to clean and paint the part, I think I will vinyl wrap it to cover the holes: Here it is with a temporary cover:
  5. Hello everyone I got a update with the sleeving. I was able to do the majority of the sleeving using MDPC's Shade 19.
  6. Here are more pictures of the fans, and GPU and I/O panel.
  7. Here is the completed loop. I did not need a lot of tubing at all for this build due to the compact size of the case and the use of Barrow acrylic fittings. So it did not take long to set up the loop.
  8. Completed Pictures (More at Bottom):
  9. Hello Everybody, here is my project titan: an easy to handle, simple, and organised build. Computer Components [CPU] - Intel i7-4960X [GPU] - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 [MB] - Asus Rampage IV Gene [RAM] - Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB [PSW] - Corsair RM1000 Liquid Cooling Components [RAD] - Hardware Labs Nemesis GTX 280 [GPU Block] - Ek-FC970 GTX ACX – Nickle [Fittings] - Ek Black [Pump] - Aquacomputer D5 Pump (Ek Top) [Monitoring] - Aquacomputer aquaero I had a friend Model a large amount of the parts for me, once they were modeled they were water-cut, and bent. All the metal in the case is aluminum. This is the placement of the Radiator, PSU, Pump, and Motherboard I want to go with: I wanted to make a compact loop, I wanted to make it using as little tubing as I could so I used Barrow Acrylic tubing for this part of the loop. The water flows from Passthrough > FlowRate Sensor > Rad > Pump > Passthrough I went with a matte black for the color, and the secondary texture to be acylic: Here is a later Mod I did to mount the Aquaero 6: The tray is hollow allowing me to put some LED strips as can be seen in this photo: The Front also has NZXT 140mm Aer Fans that is synced with the LED Tray: