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  1. It got second place in the advanced category at the 2017 Campus Party and I have to thank my sponsors Cooler Master and Gigabyte for continuing to believe in my ability.
  2. Another up of the materials used New acrylics and pro case details Arduino and more Arduino And finally, how was my sleeve differentiated
  3. Adding some new things, and the reservoir base that is now machined aluminum Paint preparation details And the partial result of the front and the top
  4. C0571NH4

    Stranger Mod

    Please provide more details.
  5. Please provide more details.
  6. Good morning guys, plus some things parts of the project Paints The WC was customized and will receive a glass tank and a flow meter Some electronics New bolts following the theme and colors And some finishes and details for the case
  7. Hello friends of the forum, I am here to present my project. The case was based on the Steampunk theme, it shows a space-time reality in which mechanical steam technology would have evolved to impossible (or at least unlikely) levels, with cars, airplanes and even steam-powered robots at that time. Following this theme and with the sponsorship of Cooler Master Brasil and Gigabyte Brasil, I started my modding for the first time at Campus Party Brasil 2017. The following is a few steps from the beginning of the construction. The case is a CM 690 III Green http://www.coolermaster.com/case/mid-tower-cm690-series/cm693/ The motherboard that Gigabyte sent me is a GA-X79-UD3 Some materials Perforated plate Some gears For some purposes, watches and compass I enjoyed the Musketeer Test of the plates applied in the case The inner part was finished in wood Custom WC test based on Master Liquid Pro 240 And also the design of the WC fluid flow meter in which it will be displayed on a 7 segment mini display