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  1. I also need a cooler master case badge.
  2. Just got a ATC-710 on eBay for $20. Only came with 2 sets of drive rails. Any idea where I can get more rails.
  3. No I did not do the grills myself, I got them from
  4. Here is the latest project. The question of the day is, what can't you put a window in?ℑ=DSCF307.jpgℑ=DSCF305.jpgℑ=DSCF303.jpgℑ=DSCF302.jpgℑ=DSCF14.jpg
  5. Thanks. What wonders you can come up with, after several beers and a dremel.
  6. Here are some pics I post on ImageShack: [Edit] Sorry but your images are way too big to be viewable on 800x600. If you resize them, you can edit this and post them again.
  7. Just finished modding a Centurion 2 case and thought I would post the results for some feedback. Here are the specs: GA-8IK1100 Motherboard P4 3.0mhz Prescott cpu 512mb Crucial memory 80gig WD hard drive (primary) 60gig WD hard drive (secondary) 2 sets blue cathtubes 2 120mm Thermaltake Smart fans (blue) 1 80mm Thermaltake Smart fan (blue) 1 80mm Coolermaster fan (orange) 1 80mm Zalman fan Some additional info: Painted the inside of the case gloss black. Cut windows in both doors. Installed grating instead of plexi-glass. Cut blow hole in the motherboard tray to exhaust heat. Painted the outside of the case with stone paint. I will like to add some pics if someone can tell me how?
  8. If the definition of a "mod" is something that changes the apperance of a case, what do you call the following: - Raidmax Storm Case (Pre-Mod) - Thermal Take Aquarius II Water Cooling Kit - Intel P4 3 gig Prescott Processor - 1 gig PC2100 memory - 1 WD 40 gig HD - 1 WD 80 gig HD - 64 eVGA 64mg nvidia video Now I know what you are thinking, Just a bunch of bolt-ons, no mod here. Here comes the true test of a mod, changing alot and not showing anything at all. Here is what was done. First thing done to the water cooling was to remove the 80 mm Thermatake fan on the radiator and replace it with a LED fireworks fan. Mor airflow on the fireworks fan. Could have stopped there, but what fun is that. Took the newly modded radiator and mounted to the front panel of the case, wear the stock front fan is on the case. Second thing now that the new 80 mm fan that moves more air, lets not leave well enough alone, I know we aren't using the 3.5 inch drive bay, HD mounted in Ultimate dirve cooler in the 5.25 inch bays, so we mount a 120mm Antec in the 3.5 inch bays, in such a manner that the can still be used to mount 3.5 devices in the future if necessary. Airflow, we now have a small huricane happening. Third thing was to cut out 80 mm holes where that fans go. Now I am sure you are saying they are ready have the holes marked so what is the big deal. Well since the standard areas where the fans are mounted aren't really one big 80mm hole in the case, but a bunch of little holes which restrict the airflow down to half the potential. Net result four 80mm mounting areas, 1 in front, 2 in the rear, 1 in the top (plexi-glass), and the 120mm in the drive cage, is air flow, air flow, air flow, and just once more air flow. Now that the case is cut, time to paint the inside, 2 coats of metal flake blue, just becuase standard steel color is just wrong. Here is the relsut of the above. I took a mchine with the above specs, running at an idle at 131 degrees and 164 degrees under load, to 74 degrees at idle and 95 degrees under load. 70 degree improvement, what more can you ask for. Now after saying that anyone with a dremel can cut a hole, but the real test of a modder is to make a mod look like it was supposed to happen, or not seen at all. NOW IF THAT ISN"T A MOD, THEN WHAT IS????? PS: The next project will include the following: A Water-Cooled Centurion 2, sporting new right and left side windows. Fans on the both sides, 120mm fans where ever possible. Stay tuned for upcoming results. Whow knows where the insanity will end blvfisc ShadeTree Mods "A place where the impossible, is not only possible, but an everyday occurance." Is it a problem when you tear apart an entire system just to change an LED in a fan and an floppy drive replacement includes bondo? For those of you who don't agree with what I have written hear, that is ok, because you just don't exist in my world. So flame away. Moral of the story, if it looks good to you at the end of the day then it was worth the adventure.