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  1. So I finally ordered my mounting bracket and it arrived today. Unfortunately, while the email confirmation of the order says that I ordered the "AMD AM4 Upgrade kit for MasterLiquid Pro Series (RL-AM4B-MLPS-R1)". The actual part I received was the Hyper 212 mounting bracket (RR-AM4B-H212-S1). I guess I'll have more free time to watch the new House of Cards tonight since I won't be installing my cooler. I submitted an RMA/Support request since the store continues to be offline for the holiday.
  2. Will they be available in the U.S. store also?
  3. I received a response for my support request to obtain the bracket and the response was: Of course, that's the upgrade part for the Hyper 212. So now I'm submitting yet another support request to get clarification now that it's into April.
  4. The bracket is still not in the store. 6 days until the end of the month.
  5. Yeah... I bought this cooler specifically because the specifications page says that it's AM4 compatible... The online store is down until tomorrow. Maybe if we're lucky they'll have it available sooner rather than later. I may have to dig around and see if I have a cooler that uses the clips to see if that'll fit temporarily. Here's a video showing an old AM3 stock cooler fitting using the tabs, so if you have a cooler with tabs you can use that until we get our AM4 brackets.
  6. I already put mine together so it's ready when my board comes. There's just 1 AMD bracket and clips. There's nothing in the docs about the difference between AM3 and AM4. I just ordered mine last week.
  7. There is a page on the CoolerMaster website that says that the MasterLiquid Pro series will need an adapter for AM4. Can CoolerMaster post images of what the AM4 compatible bracket parts look like so we can tell if we have the correct mounting bracket?