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  1. Configuration Asrock B450M Steel Legend AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Gtx 1070 Strix HD seagate 1 Tera. 16gb DDR 4 - TEAM GROUP T-FORCE NIGHT HAWK SSD 250GB Team Group T-FORCE DELTA S RGB. SSD PCIe CARDEA II M.2 256GB. Watercooler Custom EK Water Blocks Coolermaster H500M Font Coolernaster V850 Gold. Headset Coolermaster MH751. Teclado coolermaster CK500 Coolermaster MP510. Cooler FAN Cooler Master MF120R
  2. CaseMod Ayrton Senna. Project inspired by the largest pilot of the Formula 1 of Historia (Ayrton Senna) Brazil. Thematic design The external part, is inspired by the Ayrton Senna helmet-1993. Yellow paint and with helmet stickers. In the inner part, inspired by the Ayrton Senna car 1993-McLaren MP4/8. White and red colors, including the Custon watercooler Several modifications were made, all work done manually. Reconstruction of the panel (Power and USB), creating an automobile car dashboard. Construction of an acrylic reservoir, finished in the form of the Formula 1 flag, and in the middle of the flag, the Coolermaster Logo. Did, a construction of a representation of an F1 race track, with miniature car of the Ayrton Senna 1993-McLaren MP4/8.. Some of the photos were taken at the home of a Brazilian entrepreneur, who is a fan of Formula 1, and even Ayrton Senna, giving the opportunity to take some photos with his private collection. . I appreciate it. Thanks to all the companies that believed in my project and gave support for their products. Coolermaster Brasil. TeamGroup Brasil. Asrock Brasil. Seagate Brasil. Sinteglas BR EK Water Blocks I thank the people who liked my work and thank you all those who somehow gave a hand. Thanks to friend Allyson ram her idea of the theme.
  3. The project is a Ayrton Senna tribute. The external part is inspired by the Ayrton Senna helmet-1993. In the inner part. Inspired by Ayrton Senna car 1993-McLaren MP4/8 I thank my friend Allyson Carneiro for the idea and art he made. Thank you. . McLaren
  4. I made a change in the panel where is the (UBS) and power button, to get more in the style of the theme of CaseMod Ayrton Senna F1. I cut out the whole panel and added a fan controller with buttons. I've adapted sports car Botoes. Follow the photos step by step.
  5. Continuing I modified the logo of the power button and put it next to the source on the PSU cover
  6. Continuing the project. The back of the cabinet will be modified. Instead of Fan 14, it's going to be a reservoir. In place of the PCI of the cabinet, will be the place of the Fan 12. I will make a reservoir finish the shape of the release flag of Formula 1. Coolermaster Logo in front of the reservoir. All manual work. Acrylic 10mm Collage Cardboard mould
  7. The painting and the colors of the cabinet, will be based on the Ayrton Senna car 1993-McLaren MP4/8 1993 - McLaren MP4/8
  8. Thanks EK WB EK Water Blocks for the support . CaseMod Ayrton Senna BR Case Mod World Series 2019 (CMWS19) Thanks. Products, Water cooler Custon parts. Thank you Seagate Brazil, for supporting once again my Casemods projects. Thanks for the products.
  9. I come to thank you once again, the great support in my projects of CaseMod, Grupo Team Group-Brazil.Thanks for the products.MEMORIA TEAM GROUP T-FORCE NIGHT HAWKTeam Group T-FORCE DELTA S RGB SSD 2.5 SSD PCIe CARDEA II M.2 256GBTeam Group-Brazil TeamGroup
  10. Thanks to Asrock Brasil. Placa Mãe ASRock B450M Steel Legend, Chipset B450, AMD AM4, mATX, DDR4
  11. HelloMy name is Douglas Alves. I'm from Brazil.I've come to share, plus 1 Casemod project I'll be building.World Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2019 (CMWS19)Project CaseMod Ayrton Senna Ayrton Senna da SilvaAyrton Senna da SilvaAyrton Senna da Silva, or simply Senna, was one of the best Formula One rider of the 80 and 90 decades, and the largest Brazilian racing idol. He was born in São Paulo Brazil on March 21, 1960, and died tragically on May 1, 1994, after colliding with a protective murette at the San Marino Grand Prix in Ímola. His wake was one of the most striking in the history of Brazil, lasted about 22 hours and was accompanied by approximately 240,000 people. I want to thank the sponsors. Coolermaster Brazil. Team Group Brasil. Asrock Brasil. Sinteglas fr. Seagate BR Algumas coisas que eu comprei na internet, para usar no projeto
  12. Completed project. At the Campus party Brazil event. This photo was very special. Reporting team of the SBT brazilian Broadcasting Station, where it transmits the series of CHAVES of the SBT Brazilian television. Muito obrigado às empresas que apóiam o projeto.
  13. Continuing poster postingCasemod finishes the keys.This casemod was in the exhibition at Campus party brasil 10.After painting time the finishes and fitting.And my daughter wanted the barrel for her to play with, and she did not want to leave inside. Brazil, campus party 2017
  14. Continuing, ,After the dry mass, it was time to make the touches, the color after the dough to dry became dark ..I chose a lighter color.
  15. Starting the assembly from the outside, giving life and shape to the barrel.I will use it to make the modeling of the barrel, styrofoam to leave in the format a little chubby. Application of glue sealing. Drying, and give the finish .. finish .. Up today.Trying to model the barrel with Biscuit dough, make a case from scratch, is a new experience. And work with that dough too.It was used 14 kilos of BISCUIT mass. In the brown color, wet becomes a nice color, but after it dries darkens, and starts to crack, it is a mass that has many steps and if it does not know how to mess it ends up getting bad.After drying I will give the final finish .. Video preview.
  16. Todas as peças cortadas em acrílicos, o que fará peças no barril.Flowers com adesivos fosco preto Finalizing some details and starting for internal painting, The whole idea I leave here of this small prototype. I made this cover to be the top (CEILING), the holes for air passage of the radiator. etc. Edge of the top of the barrel. All the pieces cut in acrylics that will compose the baril and I started from the assembly of the pieces Now only make the assembly of the other parts ..
  17. Continuing the poster ups. Opening that will be the front of Barril, where you will have the vision of the inner part where you will have the hardware. Marking the cut Construction of the structure that goes inside to accommodate the motherboard and other Hardware. 6mm acrylic motherboard holder Marking to put the sofa feet. Support for placing the dual radiator. Cuts of some 4mm acrylic pieces, which goes inside. A Vision looking from above the barrel down ..
  18. I hope you follow and like my work. Present the sponsors of this project. Thank you very much for the opportunity that companies gave in use and presentar their products and present their brands. Thank you for the doors opened and the support of companies from other countries Sponsors and their products. Yury Designer Coolermaster Brasil Gigabyte Brazil.Gigabyte Z97x-GAMING 3. Klevv EssencoreMemories klevv FIT 16gb. ADATASSD XPG SX 930 120gb NoiseblockerFans NB -eloop brancas. 2000rpm. Fosca self decorative stickers. SINTEGLASManufacturer of Special Acrylic Sheets, Special Glues for Acrylics and Plastics and Pigments for the production of Acrylic Sheets. As the subject already says everything and the photo of the poster, I will make a barrel of the keys, as I said above, I never did a Casemod scratch, starting from scratch without using cabinet structure.I made a mold of a Barrel of cardboard test that I did as it would be size and height, it was ugly, but it will work .. Starting the scratches and cuts of 4mm acrylicsOBS = the color is fluorescent pumpkin, that later I will paint, it will not be the original color.Cutting with tico tico, finishing with files and sanding. Several identical pieces. Each piece drilled to be screwed, in the other part below.Acrylic of 10mm cut in tico-tico One more piece cut with 10mm acrylic to put on top to close on top ..
  19. Casemod Scratch, será baseado no tema da série de personagens (CHAVES). Série Telivision da América Latina. Aqui em meu país Brasil, foi uma boa éopca que marcou um monte de gente e gosta até hoje. SOBRE SERIADO Chaves, ou El Chavo del Ocho, é uma comédia de situação que aborda as interações de um grupo de pessoas que vivem em uma aldeia pobre. O protagonista, Chaves, é um menino órfão de oito anos de idade, que muitas vezes enfrenta problemas com adultos, incluindo o Seu Madruga, Dona Florinda e Dona Clotilde devido a mal-entendidos, distrações ou travessuras. Ele também vive com seus amigos Quico e Chiquinha, que são da mesma idade. A parcela, praticamente, se desdobra nesta aldeia, sendo Seu Barriga, dono do mesmo e os moradores Seu Madruga, Dona Neves e Chiquinha, que moram na casa 72, Dona Clotilde, apelidada de Bruxa dos 71 pela sua aparência eo número De sua residência, e na casa 14 vivem Dona Florinda e seu filho Quico, com o professor Girafales como visitante freqüente da aldeia. Casemod Scratch, I ' Vai começar do zero. Será uma nova experiência, pois será o meu primeiro Casemod Scratch montado sem uma estrutura de armário ... A série das (chaves), passa em uma aldeia, o personagem (chaves), usa o barril como sua morada, e sempre a referência do personagem, é ele está dentro do barril com a parte do corpo fora o mesmo na foto abaixo. Ele tem o episódio de teclas, que é um serial, e tem o desenho animado. Eu vou me basear na série de desenhos animados. Siga as fotos abaixo o que eu quero fazer.