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  1. el chavo

    Completed project. At the Campus party Brazil event. This photo was very special. Reporting team of the SBT brazilian Broadcasting Station, where it transmits the series of CHAVES of the SBT Brazilian television. Muito obrigado às empresas que apóiam o projeto.
  2. el chavo

    Continuing poster postingCasemod finishes the keys.This casemod was in the exhibition at Campus party brasil 10.After painting time the finishes and fitting.And my daughter wanted the barrel for her to play with, and she did not want to leave inside. Brazil, campus party 2017
  3. el chavo

    Continuing, ,After the dry mass, it was time to make the touches, the color after the dough to dry became dark ..I chose a lighter color.
  4. el chavo

    Starting the assembly from the outside, giving life and shape to the barrel.I will use it to make the modeling of the barrel, styrofoam to leave in the format a little chubby. Application of glue sealing. Drying, and give the finish .. finish .. Up today.Trying to model the barrel with Biscuit dough, make a case from scratch, is a new experience. And work with that dough too.It was used 14 kilos of BISCUIT mass. In the brown color, wet becomes a nice color, but after it dries darkens, and starts to crack, it is a mass that has many steps and if it does not know how to mess it ends up getting bad.After drying I will give the final finish .. Video preview.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mAJnPpw6Aw
  5. el chavo

    Todas as peças cortadas em acrílicos, o que fará peças no barril.Flowers com adesivos fosco preto Finalizing some details and starting for internal painting, The whole idea I leave here of this small prototype. I made this cover to be the top (CEILING), the holes for air passage of the radiator. etc. Edge of the top of the barrel. All the pieces cut in acrylics that will compose the baril and I started from the assembly of the pieces Now only make the assembly of the other parts ..
  6. el chavo

    Continuing the poster ups. Opening that will be the front of Barril, where you will have the vision of the inner part where you will have the hardware. Marking the cut Construction of the structure that goes inside to accommodate the motherboard and other Hardware. 6mm acrylic motherboard holder Marking to put the sofa feet. Support for placing the dual radiator. Cuts of some 4mm acrylic pieces, which goes inside. A Vision looking from above the barrel down ..
  7. el chavo

    I hope you follow and like my work. Present the sponsors of this project. Thank you very much for the opportunity that companies gave in use and presentar their products and present their brands. Thank you for the doors opened and the support of companies from other countries Sponsors and their products. Yury Designer Coolermaster Brasil Gigabyte Brazil.Gigabyte Z97x-GAMING 3. Klevv EssencoreMemories klevv FIT 16gb. ADATASSD XPG SX 930 120gb NoiseblockerFans NB -eloop brancas. 2000rpm. Fosca self decorative stickers. SINTEGLASManufacturer of Special Acrylic Sheets, Special Glues for Acrylics and Plastics and Pigments for the production of Acrylic Sheets. As the subject already says everything and the photo of the poster, I will make a barrel of the keys, as I said above, I never did a Casemod scratch, starting from scratch without using cabinet structure.I made a mold of a Barrel of cardboard test that I did as it would be size and height, it was ugly, but it will work .. Starting the scratches and cuts of 4mm acrylicsOBS = the color is fluorescent pumpkin, that later I will paint, it will not be the original color.Cutting with tico tico, finishing with files and sanding. Several identical pieces. Each piece drilled to be screwed, in the other part below.Acrylic of 10mm cut in tico-tico One more piece cut with 10mm acrylic to put on top to close on top .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbmRiFaC-LM
  8. Casemod Scratch, will be based on the theme of the character series (CHAVES). Telivision Series of Latin America. Here in my country Brasil, was a good éopca that marked a lot of people and likes until today. ABOUT SERIADO Chaves, or El Chavo del Ocho, is a situation comedy that addresses the interactions of a group of people living in a poor village. The protagonist, Chaves, is an eight-year-old orphan boy who often faces problems with adults, including Seu Madruga, Dona Florinda and Dona Clotilde due to misunderstandings, distractions or mischief. He also lives with his friends Quico and Chiquinha, who are of the same age. The plot, practically, unfolds in this village, being Seu Barriga, the owner of the same and the residents Seu Madruga, Dona Neves and Chiquinha, who live in house 72, Dona Clotilde, nicknamed Witch of the 71 by its appearance and the number of Her residence, and in the 14th house live Dona Florinda and her son Quico, with Professor Girafales as frequent visitor to the village. Casemod Scratch, I'll start from scratch. It will be a new experience as it will be my 1st Casemod Scratch assembled without a cabinet structure ... The series of the (keys), passes in a village, the character (keys), uses the barrel as his dwelling, and always the reference of the character, is it is inside the barrel with the body part out the same in the photo below. It has the keys episode, which is a serial, and has the cartoon. I'll be basing myself on the cartoon series. Follow the photos below what I want to do.