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  1. when checking the mastercase series, i have a question, are all of the the exact same chassis\base? if i get the maker 5, can all the extra stuff be used on the basic mastercase 5 with no issue? i tried checking the pictures specially about the front part. i hate the cover in the maker 5 (and 5t) i don't plan to use that, and i feel an impression the front grid is a different shape between the pro 5 and the maker 5 so, if i get a maker 5 and strip the extra stuff and compare it next to the basic one, there will be no difference at all? i have the impression that the front grid is different between the models..
  2. will there exist mastercase 6 pro,maker and maker 6t cases like the 5?
  3. i hear you, what is the point of this thread?