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  1. Holy shiz CM, MAKE SOME PROPER MANUALS. (Or software that activates profiles, like...logic may dictate) I read through the entire manual, tried every key combo I could think of and then after stumbling across a review FOR A DIFFERENT KEYBOARD the activation process was revealed. For any others who stumble across this stumped: Hold down the right FN key and push between 1~5 to activate the profile. Even profile 1 will NOT work until you do this......because reasons.
  2. Bizarre issue on this otherwise great keyboard. Updated the firmware, installed the software through the portal and when I use said software to assign say M1->Mute it seems fine and dandy. I close the software, it says its programming said keys and then? Nothing. M1 does nothing. I open it up again and my profile is still there, and so are my settings. So I try assigning another key like Q to.....anything else. It claims to program for 10 seconds and then? Well Q is merely Q. Took it one step further and tried programming the M keys for EVERY SINGLE PROFILE and yet? Not one of them did any function at all. Then I went and assigned both the portal and the cmstorm app to run as administrators for an extra step........that proved fruitless. Is there some trick I'm missing to saving these settings? Or activating them? Is the CM software perhaps borked and they haven't patched it recently?
  3. Hey~o it gets better and better! .........Because CM declare your shipping costs as package value (yes I don't know why) there's a nice surprise VAT charge at customs upon release! I might get my bracket today........might..........but for a shitty piece of metal this has been more effort - and cost - than I can fluffing excuse one lifetime. I'm terribly excited to find out if this cooler I bought now MONTHS AGO actually works or not the hard way! [EDIT] I managed to squeeze one out of my retailer (after they tried giving me the airbracket again first) so I very politely told UPS to fluff off with their additional charges. CM Live chat at least claims I'll recieve a full refund, which....will be nice........if it happens. The dangers of getting too hopeful O_O
  4. Ironic that "Technical difficulties" killed the thread with the most complaints AND a valid solution huh? I pre-ordered it but HOLY :) SHIPPING COSTS. 50 Euros. FIFTY. CM have left me a customer who will never return by choice.
  5. Even my retailer made this mistake, the chart is pretty poor at explaining and the lack of bracket STILL.....is.........morbidly depressing. All my ticket is met with is silence as well. Over in the 280mm section one chap got so fed up he made HIS OWN MOUNTING in less time than it took CM to even announce one >_>