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  1. For paranoid peace of mind: How's the fit going on both ends? Nice and tight/stable? I'll probably still get the official bracket circa 2025, but this one looks nice enough to not need to be replaced.
  2. It is!! And hopeful yays return again!
  3. Ah crap....I've got the ASrock Fatty Pro Gaming.....aaaand now am in doubt if it would fit? Hrm...bugger......The hope was alive for a little bit at least!
  4. Many thanks! Heck, W10 creators update finally showed something useful with me being able to swivel around those STL files and marvel at a solution our cooling lords still haven't figured out!
  5. Yeah heat worried me about this method too BUT begging reddit and google for aid seems to point that either ABS, Nylon or PETG would do well. The trouble is they all have pretty low glass transition temperatures (where they go wibbly wobbly) although ABS' is at 105C. I suppose the question would be how hot the bracket area gets since it isn't directly touching the CPU? Either way that file and info on how it holds up would probably help many of us more than CM have T_T
  6. Aaaaand is there any (even a millimeter) space between the bracket and that capacitor in those photos? It looks like a great fit as long as it doesn't push the capacitor O_O
  7. That would be veeeeeeeeeeery helpful! No experience with 3D printing but I know a few places that offer it, so if you could share whatever files are needed for the printing...and uhm...the suggested material I suppose? (Since it obviously has to be strong and thermal resistant) ANYWAY. That would potentially be helpful to many on here!
  8. Ah and not that I have much faith in my metal work skills, but any chance you could provide the measurements you used for your self-built bracket in cm? O-loops would still bugger me though.....but ergh, presuming I can solve that somehow, how stable is yours connected using the jimmy rig?
  9. End of April is now middle of May..................Collective weeping may now commence. And then suspicion that that date (which at best will be the day we can....order let alone receive) will fall through........again..... Optimism fading....considering hosepipe cooling. (And I do envy those of you not outside your return window! Let this be a lesson to having faith in a brand!)
  10. Hahahahaha oh man...I.....I'm laughing and crying a little because even the image there is "COMING SOON". Haha....oh.....oh dear.....but hey, a MODEL NUMBER! That's more than we've had until now! (I wish that was sarcasm)
  11. Please send their lawyers a black triangle with "Coming Soon" on it and perhaps a "WE ARE READY FOR YOUR AM4 LITIGATION" Gawd this has made me (and most of us save our bracket building blacksmith) so salty.
  12. We've been so "tuned" that by now I'm more atenna than man. That poor attempt at humour ignored, I do really really freaking bloody balls hope there is both and update and progress. My Ryzen is....not so happy on temporary air cooling and having this glorious thing just be a doorstop is....sad.
  13. Nah I'm worse off than Europe, AFRICA. No ETA if I'll EVER get the bracket that way, but I have European family and will probably smuggle the freaking thing by that point. Cooling a Ryzen on air really doesn't allow for any OC headroom right now ;_; Oh BUT NEWS! I had a ticket response! And in their PROFOUND PROFESSIONALISM.....okay okay I'm being a cynical :)......but they literally said "We expect the end of the month but I won't make any promises.". Which...is better than silence....but not exactly professional either. I'll try stop moaning for now, little good it has accomplished but to show all of us how "On the ball" CM are.
  14. Oh lawd. My retailer included THAT BRACKET with my purchase and yeah, it is.............very unhelpful. Took a photo even of how unhelpful it was and gave it back to their rather perplexed behinds. Ironically my support ticket was also dealt with this morning! ...............In that it was automatically closed by "System" without a response. Fantastic. Mildly...........really mildly...better news is I snagged one of the live chat agents moments ago and weaseled a "By the end of April for Europe" answer out of him........which is....at least....an answer.........but faffing :) if it isn't a good one >_>
  15. Even my retailer made this mistake, the chart is pretty poor at explaining and the lack of bracket STILL.....is.........morbidly depressing. All my ticket is met with is silence as well. Over in the 280mm section one chap got so fed up he made HIS OWN MOUNTING in less time than it took CM to even announce one >_>