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  1. Thanks but Coolmaster obviously achieved their goal and silenced everyone that was in that thread... I have both the 3D files and my metal files... but I'm done here... they won! This will be my last post on this site and I will make sure as many people at as many places know about this situation and how CM has handle it. Whether it's forums all over online or places like reddit. Wherever! Will make it my mission because of the misinformation and the hundreds of dollars they cost me here! I'll post the files in the other forums I visit.
  2. Dude did u see what they did? Holy crap!!!! They took down the thread to stop users from expressing themselves. Typical socialist BS! I'm so done with this now! What about the people who needed mounts and couldn't afford 50 bucks for shipping? This is ridiculous! Wow! Cannot believe they censored that! It's like once they saw people printing or making their own mounts it was taken down so they don't lose money on charging outrageous shipping prices. :)! The USA shop is down altogether and the bracket probably won't be up there at all... Just so everyone knows!!! The CORSAIR H60 automatically fits the AND ryzen chip out of the box! Lol I've been respectful this whole time not mentioning other companies name by after that censorship I'm over it!
  3. Yeah man! Like I said in other post the 4th time I got a hold of support was online and they told me could be any time in 2nd quarter when bracket would be available. That means anytime until end of June. I couldn't wait that long so I built my own bracket. Here's the link to the post on how I did that... hope it helps somehow...
  4. I know!! I am so flippin aggravated about this to no end! Their initial products are decent but the backend service and dealing with customers is questionable... in my opinion anyways. They had the am4 bracket for those other fans immediately available the day the chip was released. It's ridiculous! I have no been sitting on a system I can't use because been waiting on this item and have to hope all parts work because I can no longer return them if they don't work because went over time frame... This is not right! I was even going to get another NEW pro 120 because they have the bracket included but the local store only has the older ones without am4 bracket and no sticker on box saying it's included... although most stores and online sites advertise it's am4 compatible but it's a crap shoot if u get one that has bracket. I bought the Master liquid 120 in December anticipating the AM4 release and I was told by CM I'd have a bracket available when the chip was released. This was NOT the case... Now almost a month later... I have spent A LOT of time on this & frustration has been constant. I'm very disappointed how this was handled... If they had the specs to create that one bracket then stands to reason the masterliquid pro series could've been available the day of Ryzen''s release as other bracket was... very disappointed!
  5. Yep... already did that and called them twice... they said by the end of march the bracket will be online on their store... Lol... guess no one wants to believe it but that's what I was told on various occasions..
  6. All I was told twice was 'end of the month' meaning end of March. None if my local stores has any of the liquid pro 120 with the sticker on it for the AM4 bracket. This has been an inconvenience for sure for me as well... what can ya do though?
  7. What stinks is online all reports conflict each other... some say any AMD2 and newer models WILL fit the AM4 and others say it will NOT. But if cool master is literally manufacturing upgrade kits for AM4 socket I doubt those reports of fitting are true... There are some models of coolers that come already compliant with proper brackets but I won't be disrespectful to this company on their forum by listing other brands. Lol
  8. I just got off phone with cool master and they said it does require a certain bracket... they will have it available in about a month on their online store and only shipping cost should be expected. My problem is I get my chip and motherboard on the 2nd. Lol. I don't wanna wait a month.
  9. I got my CM Liquid Pro 120 I'm December. Haven't opened box yet... I hope the adapter is already included. Should be same size as an AM3 I would think. Not sure though. This is great question... So does the liquid pro 120 I got in December 2016 already have the bracket or adapter I'll need for the AM4? And post a link to what it will look like or where to obtain it... Thanks in advance to anyone that can help...
  10. One more thing... I already purchased the cool master last December but tell bracket that's already in that package will work, correct? I haven't even opened the box yet. Lol. Still valid question if others already have cooler as well... Thanks for your help Knud!
  11. Hello, I was curious if the MasterLiquid pro 120 would fit the new AMD Ryzen 7 1700 AM4 chip that's being released on March 2nd 2017... Thanks, Johnny A.