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  1. I do believe all AM4 boards do have that back plate for the those hook mounts that connect to it ... They probably don't know what to say... unfortunately they get the brunt of the anger while it's not their fault. I'm sure they themselves are getting the runaround from their higher ups... Both brackets metal or 3D fit fine... just with the 3d u use the back bracket and remove the hooks ... both are very stable.
  2. I think it will fit mostly all brands that are X370 & B350
  3. Oh and Jayde one thing u should know before hand... this specifically fits the mother board like Donny has... not the ASUS or MSI like I've done the metal on... I tested it on my cousins board which luckily he has same kind as Donny. So keep that in mind... FYI.
  4. Yeah the new windows 10 let's u view 3d files. 3D printing has become very much common place these days and helps people solve a lot of issues like this. It's amazing... And FYI... I can confirm that Donny's 3D bracket does work and fit! So those who cannot do metal this would definitely be the other way to go for sure! I had it printed just because I'm very curious to see how good it work amd the long term use with the heat in the PC... But so far so good! So if u have access to metal altering tools then use file I uploaded. And if u don't and have access to 3D printing then use Donny's file which I can affirm also works. Good luck peeps!
  5. Agreed! Much more people have access to 3D printing then they do with metal works... so those template files would help those in need. And honestly the guy did a damn nice job. Looks very slick and professional. I was impressed and admire the ingenuity.
  6. AWESOME JOB MAN! I was worried about the heat over time with the plastic warping so let us know please how they hold up. Looks really good though! You should definitely upload ur specs and source file since more people have access to 3D printers these days over metal cutting tools and know-how... Again! LOOKS GREAT! Johnny A.
  7. Did u ask for which region? Lol... is the for the west or europe? Whatever... been told too many dates already.. I personally would've liked the official bracket but I'm over it... CM's handling of this situation has been dreadful to say the least! I could NEVER in good conscience ever recommend this brand to another person.
  8. It's more of a tease then you'd get from a stripper! Haha haha lol
  9. Yep yep. That would be it once it's ready. Lol. Good luck! Edit: I also noticed that's an EU link because the US shop site has NADA! lol
  10. Salty. That's a great word for it... it also felt salty because the wound was not having bracket and the multiple lies of when available was when they kept pouring the salt on the wounds... And now with tensions rising in Asian Pacific region watch it takes twice as long now... that would be the icing on the cake for sure!
  11. Lol. Wow... I don't know if the numbers are there for civil action... but good luck! The stress alone and now Cool Master ended up costing me hundreds because I couldn't return items due to missing date, you would think cool master would've reached out to me already knowing what I've stated previously and try to make things right with me... but no! Cool master products may be decent but their customer service makes companies like comcast and AT&T look really good. Lol
  12. Right man!?!?! Ur absolutely right. Hanging on for a bracket because of a cool looking blue LED in the center is crazy... at least I felt crazy because of it... the other cooler brand u mentioned fits INSTANTLY out of the box if u get the H60... I was told same thing end of march and then was told sometime by end of second quarter. That could be ANYTIME up to end of June. Ridiculous! Then the other day we were all told on here, 'to stay tuned', which in my opinion is more vague then being told sometime in second quarter... Like you, I as well am very disappointed in CMs handling of the situation... I could've forgived not having bracket when chip was released but not having it by end of march when we were promised and then the whole wild goose chase plus lies, has gone over the limit of my patience... I'M DONE!
  13. Lol... plus that's the first we heard anything on forums for over a month now... and our only answer is 'stay tuned'... that's even more vague then the original answer given in beginning of March when told by end of month... I could NEVER in good conscience recommend CM products to anyone because of this, could you? What would we tell them? 'Yeah, Cool Master products are fine as long as u have everything you need or can design your own interface because if you have to rely on support you'll be left hanging.' We're hoping for an update and progress for something I don't think they even have an answer for... I felt like an idiot believing in CM when they said end of March. It ended up hurting me bad and costing me an additional $400 bucks because I went over my return date... that is unexceptable!
  14. That's ur best bet man! Sorry... I feel bad for the ppl out there that are waiting for these brackets. It's not right at all... shouldn't be taking this long at all!
  15. All good. I didn't make a product out of it. Wish I did... h*ll, I should! But I just made it for myself out of frustration from getting a bunch of hot air on when bracket will be available.