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  1. Have already reinstalled this cooler twice. Also read the links. The pump apparently displays incorrectly in the bios and monitors. Apparently you have to divide the speed by 3 to get correct reading. Been chatting with live supports. Apparently it looks like it's too much to ask if this cooler. My 7 yr old air cooler with a 92mm fan running at minimum speed had better temps that this thing. Not happy.
  2. My System is as follows. CM Mastercase Pro 5 3x 140mm Front Intakes 1x 140mm Rear Exhaust Top of case 2x Radiator Fans set as exhaust in Pull arrangement set on Silent @approx 1300rpm Pump approx 8200rpm as per BIOS read out and Open Hardware Monitor AMD FX8350 stock w/included gel thermal paste, full thin coverage of top of CPU Asrock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer Mainboard ASUS Nvidia GF GTX 1060 6GB GSKILL 2x 8GB 2400 Ram @2133 Zalman 750w PSU 2x SSD 1x 7200 HDD Win 8.1 x64
  3. I purchased a ML Pro 280 and have it running on an AMD FX 8350 Stock. Temps at idle at around 45deg C and under gaming load, playing GTA V for 15 mins, temps went up to 66 Deg C and started getting frame rate drops as it hit thermal throttling. These temps are much higher than my old Zalman CNPS 9500A air cooler that maxed out at 55deg under load. Is there something wrong with my cooler? I was expecting MUCH lower temps with this. CM Mastercase Pro 5 Case with 3x 140mm Intakes on Front, 1x 140mm Exhaust on rear and the 2x 140mm AP Fans on AIO mounted in the top of case in pull configuration set on Silent speed to minimise noise. They sound like a tornado on anything higher, MUCH higher than the 6-30db specs that are listed for this product. Also am unable to select any higher speed settings on the fans in Pull config as the frame that supports the centre hub of the fan flexes due to the suction through the radiator and allows the fan blades to hit the radiator frame. Not a happy customer here.. Support ticket logged with no response currently #00101583