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  1. @SydneyblueAt least you got a reply to what you are after. I've yet to find out anything about the 2pin blue LED light bar to replace the red one that came with my case.
  2. I love mine as well since I did the rebuild it is totally clean on the inside. Only thing for which I didn't care for is the fact that the led light bar for which came with it is red and I did my case in all blue lights. And for some reason I can't get the Blue LED bars with the 2 pin connector which goes to the included fan/led controller. I just spent a small fortune upgrading my system and allot of it Coolermaster and I can't get the Blue Led bars that I need. My next build I might have to think twice about the CM cases. Especially since I can't get a reply back from them about if and/or when they will be available for purchase.
  3. Fully understand but I just couldn't resist asking. Of course I'm still waiting to hear about when the blue led bars with the 2 pin connectors will be available?
  4. When will the Blue 2 pin LED Strips be available for purchase in the USA? The reason for which I'm asking about the 2 pin is that is the type of connectors for which are on the LED/FAN controller on the right side of the case. It came with a red 2pin led strip but I need Blue. Please
  5. What are you doing playing real life GTA?
  6. Think it would have been better with blue LEDs for both fans as well as for the heat sink
  7. When will the Blue 2 pin LED stirps be available in the US any Ideas?
  8. There was a Admin who posted that they are available in Europe I believe it was for 19 and some pounds. But the ones for which he posted a link for was with the Sata power connector and the ones at least for my case is the 2 pin connectors as that is what gets connected to my Led/fan controller. The colors were red, blue, green and I believe white. IIRC. And your right it was a breeze to work with. I love the case and hope that I can get a couple of blue led sticks soon.
  9. Yes them are the ones but the connector isn't a SATA connector I want the ones for which can be connected to the fan/led controller on the right side interior of the case. Don't have the case open right now but If I remember correctly it's either a small 2 or 4 pin connector. Like for what is used on a Case fan. Not the Molex. And I am in the USA so I know nothing ab out pounds.<LOL>
  10. Now I've got the MasterCase Maker 5 with the Free form Modular System that I purchased a week ago and love. Was thinking about going water cooled as I've always been Air cooled. and so I've got some questions. 1 will the Liquid pro fit in the top of my Maker 5 case and 2. Are the Fans blue LED as well as for the cooler thing that goes on the CPU? 3, Whats the chances of this thing leaking and ruining my rig? 4. How much more cooler is a water cooled system over an Air cooled? Currently using a CM Hyper 212 EVO Thanks for any help
  11. Now I've got the MasterCase Maker 5 case with free form modular system. for which I purchased a week ago.Love the case the build was fast and hides the cables really well. Cleanest build I've done and I've built allot of PC's for family and friends. Now I've gone through and put in all 140mm Blue LED fans CM of course as well as for replaced the fan on the Hyper 212 EVO with 2 120mm blue led fans. And I've come across an issue with the red led stick. It works and everything but I'm looking for blue ones. You say that Additional parts should be available around June. Will this mean Blue Led sticks as well? After I'll I'm looking to purchase at least 2 of the blue LED sticks to complete my current build. Thanks.
  12. Ok just did a rebuild using the MasterCase Maker 5 mid tower case, Put in a CM V1000 power supply as well as for a Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler. got it all hooked up and it's looking good for the most part. Will have to admit that it's one of the cleanest builds I've done. Was wondering if there is any knowledge of how soon we will be able to get "BLUE LED POWER BARS<Strips>? I would like to purchase 2 of them for my build as all the fans are blue. and the red one that came with the case don't look right in it. Is there an ETA on when we could purchase them and will they be the same size as came with the case or will we have an option of a 12" as well?