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  1. This issue of the wrong RPM will very likely never be fixed by motherboard manufacturers, I can say with 100% certainty that Asus will not fix it despite they being able to duplicate. If youre interested see.
  2. @xtian1 Thank you for that at least you guys are somewhat interested. But like habitual and even after Asus themselves corroborated the issue by duplicating it themselves they are now washing their hands of it like they do any issue reported to them. Here is their latest reply after weeks and weeks I replied to email and asked again where this issue was at because they just conveniently forgot. I have again pointed them to your official FAQ entry I doubt anything will come of this or any other actual serious issues with this Asus TUF Z270 Mark 1 which Asus has a even more worrying stance and will also not even try to fix. So that to me is the ned of the road, no matter what their reply is. And in this case there is nothing to be done because how can you tell a pin header to detect this particular tech and handle issue? You cant, and as much as I hate Asus lack of support generally, this is something the pump needs to handle internally IMO. Thanks for all the fish boys and girls.

    I suppose you are going to cut a hole on the motherboard plate to allow CPU cooler backplate access? I cant get over this project, this is a testament of ingenuity... Love it.
  4. I would also like to see a picture that shows all connections you made into motherboard and know what motherboard model you have to satisfy my curiosity. I agree with Mohd Noh, how you setup your equipment, is entirely your decision. Personally, wouldn't do what you did myself but there we are. If it works....
  5. The overwhelming amount of interest in this is staggering Im sure Cooler Masters forums servers are working overtime on all the traffic and replies. OK jokes aside. Asus replied. So we are getting somewhere on this annoying issue with Asus, lets see what is done and how long it takes to filter down their product line. not that it matters to anyone clearly but the issue will be solved properly at least.
  6. The rise of the machines begins. Just remember when it tries to terminate you, you did it to yourself! Impressive.

    Steam Punk comes to mind after looking at these pics. So after 5000Km, does it get an oil change?
  8. How many hours did this project take you to complete? Congratulations looks fantastic, Im sure its even more striking face to face. Isso esta simplesmente espetacular
  9. Quite right Stuart, I had my eyes in cone shape and confused the master liquid vs the pro, one is ready the other is not. Sorry for goofing there
  10. This is the only case that matters. A case to end all cases.
  11. I received a reply from Asus about 3 days after posting this, asking me if plugging the PUMP into any other header but the W_PUMP header if there were any different rpm readings. My reply after some tests and what Ive read in forums so far is that, no, the result is still 9K rpm +. Which I forwarded in my reply. There has been no reply whatsoever from Asus regarding this, and short of the worlds smallest violin playing Im the only one who cares about it.
  12. It is ready to go, if you buy the upgrade kit, which is clearly indicated on the product page.
  13. Hi there. If you read the Cooler Master product website, it becomes clear as mud Where it says AM4* it has a red asterisk which points to the Note: *AMD AM4 upgrade kit needed, please visit: Hope that helps.
  14. Please make sure that no cables are in the path of the fan blades, also have a read of You are the only one that can investigate this.
  15. A couple of suggestions pop to mind, you could look at the bios and see if that CPU FAN Header you connect to is set to PWM an or in a lower setting in BIOS QFAN/Smart Fan Control control or whatever your motherboard manufacturer calls that function. Aside from that, with the limited information you provided, its hard to guess anything else. If not, make sure your running the latest motherboard bios and if issue persists, contact the motherboard manufacturer support.
  16. I love fishing, there is also this or look at pump fans&l=en_US The pump is designed to run at max RPM. However I would avoid connecting the pump directly to PSU, simply because you cant monitor if the pump is running or not at a glance, but if you are comfortable with not knowing, go for it.
  17. pegotico, I suggest you speak to Cooler Master via Live chat, on Fanzone.
  18. Yes, I have a suggestion, I know the issue (I think) because I assembled the cooler into a motherboard already fixed into the PC case, and the gap between the case/table is around 5cm, so when the case was flat on table, the backplate just fell out. What I have done is simple, requires 5 steps to full assembly. 1) You insert the backplate though motherboard 2) Cut two pieces of electrical tape across the back of the motherboard and the backplate in a X shape. (its just to hold the backplate from falling out temporarily) (Use electrical tape, if not painters masking tape, please dont use household parcel tape this is acid based and bad idea.) 3) find a couple of Playboy magazines and place on a flat surface, and lie the case with the backplate in that magazine area The magazines will bridge the gap between case and backplate and the backplate should be held in place just fine, if you need another magazine use it. 4) Now that the backplate is sort of held in place assemble the pump ontop of your CPU which already has thermal paste applied. 5) Lift the case, remove the tape, put the Playboy magazines under the mattress and enjoy.
  19. Ive started doing something about this issue, not just dismiss the issue. See my other thread. I hope you will join me in doing something about it as well.
  20. I created this new thread and hope that other users and Cooler Master may help get something done about this pesky issue, that the PUMP rpm is incorrectly detected in UEFI Bios. It is my hope to get the official cooperation of Cooler Master's and other concerned users. who are equally annoyed. The ideal situation is where the Motherboard manufacturers are contacted by Cooler Master and the users in respect to the issue, to that Effect I opened an issue with Asus EMEA (Europe) and will push this to level 2 support. My reference to report is WTM20170308162458715 In this report I provide screenshot of Asus Suite 3 showing the issue and a screenshot, I also provided a link to the FAQ, when they reply I will add a BIOS shot because I know from experience they will blame the hardware and then make excuses that they dont test their motherboards with all hardware. (Even though they brag the Asus TUF mark 1 being the most tested motherboard with all kinds of usual and unusual hardware). FAQ link: One other user reports below. Now I know this issue is only a pesky niggling wrong divisor, but if its wrong, please lets get it fixed, not just say, forget about it, eh?
  21. OK I resolved my vibration issues, and I still have each fan running on its own PWM header, each has its own RPM but its varies very little one to the other. My connection is PUMP to W_PUMP header running at 100% by default. The pump rpm is wrongly detected according to Cooler Masters its divided by 3, so its 3124 rpm +/- not 9374 rpm (please Cooler Masters have Asus notified of this issue, since this is detected in UEFI bios like that) how old is this issue now? lol The left fan (radiator is ontop of case) connected to CPU fan header (the first port running at 1054 rpm The right fan is connected to CPU_OPT header right next to the first header, running at 1013 rpm The fans cpu fan header rpm variance does increase/decrease, but that means squat to the vibration issues I see, erm or rather saw... My vibration issue was that the case a Thermatake F51 Supressor has a neat magnetic filter ontop and because the screws holding the Cooler Masters Masterliquid PRO 240 arent flush or lower than the magnetic portion, it raises the filter up in these screw areas and the filter areas that are not affected by screws sit lower in case, so the difference in height + increasing/decreasing CPU fan rpm makes the filter rattle/vibrate. I could blame the screws but even if I replace the screws with low profile head (ideal solution) finding the right screws wont be simple for my circumstances so something other is required here. The solution was simple, just make sure that the filter sits at the higher height flush with screws by adding some padding under designated areas of filter that doesnt affect airflow (easily done BTW) I used some long thin straps of velcro (I cut off a roll for cable ties) soft side facing up put one either side and bingo vibration is gone., this was what I had on desk at that time, so didnt have to look far. But for permanent fix Ill use self adhesive transparent bumpers dotted in strategic positions to counter this issue and Im confident the problem will be resolved properly. There is no vibration or rattling from anywhere now and even at these rpms I consider this setup the most silent yet. I hope this helps others investigate and fix their similar vibration issues as this post made me investigate and see where the problem was coming from and invent a solution.
  22. So, while the explanation is valid, then what can it be done to correct this issue at source? Has Cooler Master contacted motherboard manufacturers and provided this information? I ask this since for instance this information is read/interpreted wrongly by UEFI bios also, so this issue has to be resolved there, and manufacturers like Asus disregard user reports like this and blame the hardware
  23. I would keep this is mind... (test for air coolers but you get the idea.) Apparently MX 4 performed better than AS 5 there (im guessing that they didnt wait 200 hours for Artic Silver 5) Well anywho, I will say MX4 is safest bet here, its also not too expensive.
  24. also, cof cof,never used this stuff, but... That claims its 9.5 W (mk) which beats all of the above
  25. See AS 5 apparently is 8.7 W/(m·K) 8.5 W/(mK) 5.6 W/(mK) MX 4 is better than MX 2 but AS 5 claims to be better than those. I would use AS 5 or MX 4 Edit However note that AS 5 has 200 hours to be able to achieve best thermal conductivity from particle to particle, MX 4, Ive no idea, but they claim its a apply once and forget for 8 years.