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  1. A quick look at the first tubing mock-up. I thought I would do something less intricate with the loop this time but I just can't help it, I love parallel runs Made the bracket for the PSU mounting in the top section I reshaped the two back panels with this characteristic cut I'm bringing along this whole project, to make it smoother and more geometric Also began working on the front and top panels cutouts, I made this simple design in Silhouette Studio, cut the stencil and went over it with a pen once I applied it to the panel, this way all the sections in both panels will be exactly the same. It would've been hard doing it by hand since they're very irregular shapes. Obviously cut with my trusty scrollsaw And as anticipated in the previous post, I swapped the red LEDs of the lightbox with WRGB strips
  2. Very last update before the final photos and video! It's time for tubing, a few more panels, cable management and final tweaks here and there. Let's start with the tubing and a very particular routing Composite panel to close the bottom of the top case, along with clear smoked rear panel Cable management at the top. This was tricky Finally mounted the in-between covers for the cables that run across the cases Last two painted panels for SSD and mini front cover with signature and glimpse of the coolant! All ready to be fired up! Windows installed
  3. Made a lightbox for the front layered panels, I made it with red LEDs at first but I'll change it to WRGB later And now doing something that I think could be implemented in a possible "Gaming Version" of the SL600M: a lit trim behind the front panel! I started cutting an acrylic frame to size and bending it using the original panel as a template When I put the frame behind the aluminum I had to adjust the bend radius so I heated more and shaped it perfectly As for the plastic part of the front, I cut off all the pieces that were sticking out, to allow more space for the cables that will run through the front Here are the lightbox lit and the front trim
  4. Mounting system for the fan controller This midplate is something you'll soon see what it's there for Attached four lightbars to the center case for a particular lighting effect Started the paintjob and polishing phase for the aluminum profiles A lot of cables run all across the three cases so I had to insert them before assembling the structure And the paintjob goes on with other panels, Sky Three logo and Tokyo skyline This is the dark side of this build: lots of cables at the bottom for the 14 fans, two pumps and all the RGB lights Time for some eye candy with a lighting test
  5. Currently working on some boring stuff like little cuts on the cases to make everything fit properly, I'm close to starting the paint phase. While we wait, I'll show you some of the hardware that will go in the build. Powered by Adata XPG, Watercool and Asrock!
  6. This time we'll see a lot of panelling, on the back, on the front, in the inside... At the back we'll find a window all around the I/O area At the front, I put two aluminum strips that will replace the middle tubes as I don't like them very much and don't help the structure integrity To recall the handles of the original cases, Coolermaster Q300P, I decided to put new aluminum ones at the angles in the front, these will also allow a more comfortable time moving this beast around if necessary In the lower area, I made a cover that will house all the cables from fans and pumps For the cables that will run all the way from the PSU to the bottom, I made some covers to mount between the cases And to close this update with the bang, I started working on the hardware compartment with a lot of panelling, we will also see the mounting position of the SATA SSD from Adata XPG
  7. Today we'll take a look at the side hinged panels that will house the intake fans, some case-cutting to start making room for everything and the gigantic radiators paired with amazing reservoir/pumps from Watercool and fans from Noiseblocker! Hoping to bring you guys some nice photos of the hardware I received so far as soon as possible! So let's start with the making of the hinged panels Now to the front aluminum strips and first big cuts to the cases Almost everything cut down, top case is next for the lifting All three hinged panels completed at my booth at Campus Party Italia Fantastic combo of Watercool/Heatkiller rads and res/pumps, together with some nice Noiseblocker fans. This will be soooo cool in so many ways!! Now making the mounting for those combos from 8mm tinted acrylic And here they are mounted
  8. Made some progress on one side... those lighting pieces from the Q300P's came in really handy!
  9. Today we're taking a look at some pieces I've made with the epoxy resin from Resin Pro, which are the center panel that will hold most of the hardware, and the power button. I obviously started by making the mold for the panel Then I made a couple pours, the final thickness will be about 15mm but I really didn't want the resin to get too hot so I proceded with pours of about 5/6mm each. The surface changed completely while the resin cured, that's one thing to keep in mind if you want a very specific look Next up was cutting the panel in the shape I wanted and doing some more creative work on one side and then clear coating with a thin pour. I used aluminum tape to seal the edges After sanding and doing a bit of polishing I made the mount to the case, using a hollow aluminum tube with a threaded bar inside, which goes from bottom to top of the case, while I made a simple bracket on the back that attaches to the radiator. This way the panel is 100% solid mounted And now a little bonus I mentioned before, the gem as power button
  10. Adding some crystal patterns to the radiator covers that will also serve as something else other than covers. You'll see as I go on with the fabrications
  11. Made this to replace the previous PSU mounting. It will be a sort of lightbox, it's composed of three layers: a white opale one, and two clear with crystal patterns that will be painted red and in white stone effect. Can't wait to see this all painted and lit up
  12. A quick update on some modifications I made to the case and to the layout Initially, you saw that I kept the PSU at the front with that fancy grill and all, but I realised it took up way too much space. So I realized that the top could easily house the PSU by cutting off some of the plastic structure of the external top panel. So what I have now is the PSU at the top and about 5cm more in the internals. Next was the rear I/O ports, that have to be rethinked because of the layout I'm going to use for the motherboard: I grabbed some panel extensions and integrated them to the rear foot: And last but not least, a simple yet very effective mod. The external panels on the SL600M come with a hooking systems that allows you to remove them by reaching the internal hooks and popping them off. This means you have to potentially open the case if you have to remove the external top or front panel, moreover you will have those hooks sticking out into the case, which make custom panels and covers hard to make. What I did was making four brackets with threaded inserts that I could fix the front panel to using four screws. Yeah now I have to use a screwdriver to take it off but at least I will have a flat area internally and I won't have to reach in the case to remove an external panel. Plus this was mandatory for the things I have in mind anyway
  13. First I made some tests for the hardware layout, as I want to find a new way of mounting it, and this is the best option I could find. Obviously it's approximate: Then I started to draw and cut the designs for the air vents, single 120 for the PSU fan and 360 for the back radiator. First 10mm acrylic panel Second 5mm panel that will go together with the 10mm one And this is the effect with the two panels mounted together. They will have two different colours eventually and should create a very nice effect
  14. Here's a video with some info on the project and on the hardware that I'll be using for this project:
  15. Hello everyone and welcome on the worklog for my main entry for this year's Case Mod World Series, Realgar Project, based on a Cooler Master SL600M with a mineral stone as theme, the Realgar. Special thanks go to MSI, Cooler Master, Adata XPG, Alphacool and Resin Pro, for providing materials and hardware for the project! So let's take a look at the case while I take it apart to start modding First thing to do: find a more optimal placement for the PSU, which will be more far into the front, with this custom brackets (after having done the necessary cuts on the case panel) Back panel is swapped with a 10mm acrylic panel which will house the 360 radiator. This aluminum profile on the sides will help squaring out the internals and will serve as covers and structure elements for the center panel Let's leave it at this huge acrylic panel, about to be sectioned
  16. Hello everyone and welcome to one of my entries for this year's Case Mod World Series! Project Sky Three is a mod that brings the concept of "stacking" to a new level: three cases, Q300P in particular, are modified to be unified into a single case, that's very tall and can house insane amount of cooling for its footprint. It's specifically themed after the Sky Tree, a beautiful tower in Tokyo. First of all, let's take a look at the three cases out of the box. Now, after having torn apart the cases to leave the frame alone, I started taking measurements for the L profile that will fix the cases together. I actually tried three different layout for the L profiles, the first was my original idea and it included four profiles on all angles, but it was way to squared and weird looking So I moved on to an alternate layout, two profiles connecting first and second case, and two connecting second and third. It looked even weirder to me, and probably not sturdy enough The third attempt was the successful, I really like this layout and will stick with this For the feet, I bought some furniture handles and adapted them As you saw, two angles will feature tubes between the cases, to allow a perfect alignment and stability. Two secure them, I use two little wooden bars for each tube, attached to the cases. This way, before I mount the case, I simply slide the tube in place and let it do the job After having the cases fixed, I started putting threaded rivets on the sides of the cases, which will secure panels with fans and some cool lighting pieces I salvaged from the front section of the Q300P's.
  17. Voting stage is finally open! I invite you to vote my mod if you like it, I'd be very glad! Thank you! By voting, you also apply to win some awesome PC gear! Link to vote my entry: http://makerhub.coolermaster.com/portfolio-item/mod-gallery-pure-binomial-project-alessandro-zaiti/
  18. Here it is, the final shooting of Pure Binomial Project! Enjoy I also made a time lapse video of the assembly with some presentation clips: This post puts end to the worklog. I hope the judges appreciate this as well as the audience!
  19. Big update, we're almost at the end! Let's take a look at the pics of the progress so far This is all for now, next update will be the final results! Stay tuned and support me in the competition if you like my work! Thank you
  20. Hi guys, It's been awhile but I did a lot of progress since I have about two weeks left to complete the mod. Here are the pics of new panels, a few tubes and the start of stencil design and paintjob! I will probably do two other updates at max, before the final result so make sure to stay tuned so you won't miss the final shooting!
  21. Hi guys! Here I am with a pretty big update! I started to make the side panels and mod the movable front panel. Also, I fixed the floating SSDs and remade the midplate panels with a 5mm plexy for surface lighting. Even made the last tubes that were missing Link to the side window opening video: https://www.facebook.com/SaaintJimmy/videos/1422758367775659/
  22. The loop is pretty complex, I gotta say I spent several hours just thinking about the components order, to optimize the looks. I feel like those hours were well spent! Still back and bottom tubes to make, with satin tubes! Then some other structural mods and finally I'll get to detailing and painting! A couple shots with the reflex Here are some shots of the new SSDs by Apacer:
  23. It is! I did that because if I mounted it normally I would have to angle it in order to reach the graphics card. Also, the bottom of that clip has a shape that allows to almost close the card into it, so it holds up and also keeps the card from waving back and forth. But I still have a long way, maybe I will adjust it in some other way