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  1. Hi guys! Here I am with a pretty big update! I started to make the side panels and mod the movable front panel. Also, I fixed the floating SSDs and remade the midplate panels with a 5mm plexy for surface lighting. Even made the last tubes that were missing Link to the side window opening video: https://www.facebook.com/SaaintJimmy/videos/1422758367775659/
  2. Little update guys! More to come next week
  3. The loop is pretty complex, I gotta say I spent several hours just thinking about the components order, to optimize the looks. I feel like those hours were well spent! Still back and bottom tubes to make, with satin tubes! Then some other structural mods and finally I'll get to detailing and painting! A couple shots with the reflex Here are some shots of the new SSDs by Apacer:
  4. It is! I did that because if I mounted it normally I would have to angle it in order to reach the graphics card. Also, the bottom of that clip has a shape that allows to almost close the card into it, so it holds up and also keeps the card from waving back and forth. But I still have a long way, maybe I will adjust it in some other way
  5. Hi Guys! I'm here to present my entry for the Tower Mod category of Case Mod World Series 2017! The Project is based on a Coolermaster Mastercase Maker 5T. It's called "Pure Binomial" because the theme is based on the binomial between clear and non-clear parts, in fact, the front and back panels will be almost completely transparent, allowing to see the internals from different angles. It will also feature a really complex custom loop with CPU, RAM and GPU blocks, a 360mm radiator, and three 150mm reservoirs, as well as a 755 pump. So, let's begin with sponsors and then we'll head to the modsss! Seasonic - PSU Seasonic Prime Titanium 750W Coolermaster - Coolermaster MasterCase Maker 5T Aquatuning - Watercooling, cooling in general, lighting Nanoxia/CoolForce - Pass-through fittings VG Informatica Torino - Sleeved cables Apacer Global - SSDs Panther AS340 240Gb So, let's start with the pics! A new update will come soon, the watercooling loop will start to take shape so make sure to subscribe guys!