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  1. Citadel

    And this is the video link, actually a very simple video! We didn't have enough time as this is first time we joined the case mod world series, and we are the only Country representative from iran in all time. Best wishes for you guys.
  2. Citadel

    Hi Too late but finished! Here is a few pictures of the Citadel. Citadel Project by Hamed Shadmehr & Ramin Ganjalikhan Hakemi from iran.
  3. Citadel

    Ready for paint, this is our last post until the end. Wish you luck!
  4. Citadel

    This box provides enough space for cable management!
  5. Citadel

    Hey! We're still working on the Citadel! Too busy to take picture and fill the worklog honestly! But you must know that we made our special color for painting the case, built the back panel again with a new look and many small things... Promise we'll take pictures of the case and send it to forum in the few days. Wish you luck!
  6. Citadel

    Hi! We were working on the project in the last days. We did the laser cut on the left side of the case and it looks amazing! Here are the pictures of the Maze!
  7. Citadel

    LCD panel is ready to install!
  8. Citadel

    Finally got our 5 rpm DC motor. It'll be help the diaphragms to open up! Looks great! I know that you can't wait to see this amazing feature
  9. Citadel

    Hi We're working on a proprietary security system. With this system, only the owner of the system can turn it on! Like a Boss! You can't find any power switch or something to turn on the system! This system combined with diaphragm as we have already explained about it. While the system is turning on, Diaphragms opens for air entry! We'll have a fantastic view! To be continue...
  10. Citadel

    Happy Nowruz! It's Nowruz in iran (Like Christmas) and we are off for a few days. We will come back soon with good news. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nowruz
  11. Citadel

    And finally, we got our iris diaphragms! at now, We are working on the front panel. The first step is to install the diaphragms on the panel and after that, we will install the special LCD on the top of panel. the lcd designed for monitor psu voltages and processors temp.
  12. Citadel

    Adding some iris diaphragm to the front panel of the case! Can't wait to see this amazing view!
  13. Citadel

    But the exciting part! The way we choose to install the motherboard is different with other ones you ever seen in other mods.
  14. Citadel

    Hello everybody We are continuing the process as well as we can! The case is separated completely and we reassembled the parts for installing motherboard upside down!
  15. Citadel

    The first step is to separate the case parts, we already did that.