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  1. Greetings! I'm SamCa, modder from Philippines. This will be my official entry for Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2017 Scratch build category Huge thanks to EVGA for the support! I will be building project "Winged Victory of Mercy" The mod was inspired from the the greatest masterpiece of Hellenistic sculpture, Winged Victory of Samothrace... ....with a mix. The design will be combined with Angela Zeigler aka Mercy (from Overwatch). I decided to pick her because she perfectly fits as the "modern angel" of the mod. SPECS: Intel Core i7 6700 EVGA Z270 FTW K EVGA GTX 1070 FTW EVGA 16GB DDR4-2666 EVGA SUPERNOVA G3 1000W COOLERMASTER MASTERFAN PRO 120 Western Digital 1TB BYSKI watercooling parts I modeled her into the looks of the statue and the planned scratch case. I will be using metal bars for it's base to support the motherboard, gpu, psu, rads ,reservoirs and specially the radiator . The Motherboard is placed below together with the reservoir and gpu. The storage devices and psu will be inside the body. (I will make a mechanism in which i could open the body to expose the storage parts and psu) the radiator is placed at the top as well the fans with it. The watercooling tubes will be sketched throughout the build. For the armor, I will be using fiberglass and resin. For the other details like the wings, i will be using acrylic sheets.
  2. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    thanks! Mabuhay!
  3. Cyber Kitsune - Magic The Gathering

    awesome work
  4. Forest's Heart

    Love the colors, great work
  5. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    Time to play after a month of modding
  6. Project ALIEN

    amazing, good job!
  7. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    I would like to thank everyone who supported me from the beginning til now Specially to EVGA and Cooler Master Philippines for their continuous support. Here's the final pics of the build.
  8. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    I used acrylic sheets to build the wings and the shroud parts. I painted them to white and used some vinyl stickers for detailing I used a PCIE x16 riser for the gpu because of the orientation.
  9. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    Thanks man, you too
  10. Project ALIEN

    great job!
  11. Project eknaw saylenshu

  12. Project ALIEN

    looking good man, best of luck for us. Few days left
  13. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    Done with bending tubes and finished the watercooling loop. I will be working on the wings and other details to finalize the build
  14. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    Painted the metal frame
  15. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    Thanks Cooler Master Philippines for providing the Masterfan Pro 120 RGB
  16. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    EVGA SUPERNOVA G3 1000w and EVGA SuperSC DDR4 RAMS thanks so much EVGA. Mounting the PSU. I used 5 mm acrylic sheet. GPU mount placed at the center. I used some 3mm Acrylic sheets for the pump and res mount,
  17. Project: Holo View

    insane front panel, so awesome
  18. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    Almost there, welded the pipes together. I decided to alter the design a little bit because of the size of the mobo. But the chassis frame is still the skeletal base of the body as you can see. Drilled some holes to fit everything . And here it is, finished the chassis frame. Now it's time to assemble everything from the wings and to the other details I will use rivets to attach the mobo tray and the bracket of the parts to have a rigid and sturdy build.
  19. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    The metal pipes are measured and ready to be weld. Sanded the mobo tray and checked if it will fit correctly. After hours of sanding, I painted the body using a primer paint to see the imperfections and to be corrected asap. The sanding made the body to achieve the curves and eliminated the sharp edges.
  20. Overwatch Sombra

    ohhh i love sombra, one of my most played heroes. Great job so far I'm making a mercy inspired mod from overwatch too, check it out here
  21. Genji - Overwatch by Mviana "Brasil"

    awesome work on genji, I'm making a scratch build inspired by mercy from overwatch too. you will be needing my healing xD Check it out here
  22. Project ALIEN

    awesome parts man, keep it up.