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  1. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    thanks! Mabuhay!
  2. Cyber Kitsune - Magic The Gathering

    awesome work
  3. Forest's Heart

    Love the colors, great work
  4. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    Time to play after a month of modding
  5. Project ALIEN

    amazing, good job!
  6. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    I would like to thank everyone who supported me from the beginning til now Specially to EVGA and Cooler Master Philippines for their continuous support. Here's the final pics of the build.
  7. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    I used acrylic sheets to build the wings and the shroud parts. I painted them to white and used some vinyl stickers for detailing I used a PCIE x16 riser for the gpu because of the orientation.
  8. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    Thanks man, you too
  9. Project ALIEN

    great job!
  10. Project eknaw saylenshu

  11. Project ALIEN

    looking good man, best of luck for us. Few days left
  12. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    Done with bending tubes and finished the watercooling loop. I will be working on the wings and other details to finalize the build
  13. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    Painted the metal frame