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  2. Thank you very much for the compliment dear. It took me two weeks to complete the whole project, because I had an event here in Brazil to present the machine ... =) Thank you so much, I count on your vote in the championship.
  3. Thank you very much my dear for all the support always, without doubt this first of many other works that I will execute, I hope to count on the help of you in this competition, I am your fa ...
  4. Thank you so much for having followed up to the end now to complete the project I will leave video with final result ... Thank you ....
  5. Finally the moment of truth has come and I will show you the final result of the mounted casemod and already with cables organized !!!I hope you enjoy the result guys.
  6. Muito obrigada minha querida agora é muita paciência e foco para que tudo de certo... <3
  7. Great job Bob curious to see the progress....
  8. Obrigada pela força meu amor vc é incrível ... Em breve vai começar a votação online e novamente vou precisar da ajuda de vcs... <3
  9. Thank you very much for following the post, without doubt all work is manual and soon I have many new photos to show you....
  10. Hi guys! I´m new here! My name´s Jaqueline (Jack for short) and I´m part of CM Modding Team. Today I wanted to show you my first casemod project on the Scratch category, but first I´d like to thank some brands that believed in my work and that decided to be my partners on this project, like Cooler Master, Gigabyte. Cooler Master, Gigabyte The case I´m gonna use is a Cooler Master Elite 110 Watercooler Seidon 120 V Hardware: HyperX Savage DDR4 16GB Cpu i5 6600k SSD VGA: MOBO: The project is inspired by the Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh trailer, specifically the Filigree Familiar, an artifact fox-like creature. Some steps of the building proccess... Lots of EVA and styrofoam... Lots of freehand drawings... Lots of sleepless nights... It´s a real puzzle, don´t you think? And when the molds work out, I get trully happy... The EVA runs rings around me! I´ll post more step-by-step pictures and videos soon! Hi darlings, let´s continue with the project? At this moment I´m cutting some acrylic molds and it turned out to be really hard work! But let´s focus, we´re getting to the painting and finishing steps. I finally got the time and I edited this video with a small part of the casemod process I hope you like it .... I'm back, with one more step in the project, I would like to thank everyone who is following the posts !! :clap: Cut time... I will use these mesh and acrylic for the finishing of the structure Eyes of the project... With patience and hard work I´ll get there. Structure mounted and glued still missing some minor repairs and paints. I hope you like the result :clap::clap::clap: Time to place the screens on the casemod structure Final results after glueing and drying Returning to work carving rest of parts in eva... :rock: Last test of the EVA parts before starting the painting and the finishing acrylics ... Painting moment I want to work with aging pieces .. Preparing the cutting of acrylics Modeling the acrylics on the fox's head With much patience we are giving life to the cabinet Thermal blower is life Hello my friends come show the completion of the head of my project I hope, soon I will publish all his photos ...