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  1. Final Submissions Open!

    No you said you had to send the photos super low res to get them to work.
  2. Final Submissions Open!

    send the photos individually, or create a google doc that is public so they can edit it and they can save the photos from there that is what i did
  3. Final Submissions Open!

    Hey Jeff, I just assumed it was the first photo you put in there lol considering they are only allowing 5 photos each i think theyd assume the full build photo is the main one
  4. Final Submissions Open!

    I submitted the wrong main photo for my final sub, can i resubmit?
  5. We're All Modders Now: Soldier 76 Case Mod

    Finished my window, next is the cables! also decided to play around with PS on one of the images and damn am I rusty haha
  6. "Chrono Master" - project

    Every time I look at this it just gets better and better. You poured a lot of effort into this and it shows, great work man, I hope I am able to make something this clean one day!
  7. We're All Modders Now: Soldier 76 Case Mod

    I'm a little behind on this project so I posted an awkward youtube video regarding my progress and my future plans for the build. We are about a month away, its exciting to see everyone's builds finishing up!
  8. We're All Modders Now: Soldier 76 Case Mod

    Lase Cutter alignment got screwed up so all of my cuts are screwed up. Looks like i wont be finishing until next week
  9. We're All Modders Now: Soldier 76 Case Mod

    Getting back to the shop this Sunday to hopefully laser cut the remaining pieces that need to be done I'm stoked its almost done!!!
  10. We're All Modders Now: Soldier 76 Case Mod

    I found a bunch of my old progress photos, I'm going to apologize for quality in advance... because these photos almost didn't get uploaded for how low quality they are ahahaha
  11. The Crimson King/renamed TheMan in Black

    looking sexy
  12. We're All Modders Now: Soldier 76 Case Mod

    Some internal shots of the build focusing on the back plate
  13. "Chrono Master" - project

    this is so sick
  14. This project is taking much longer than i expected to due to work, however it is turning out a lot better than expected as well! Here i will be showcasing my soldier 76 build log, every thing you see besides the case is custom laser cut and painted, I'm currently working on a better back plate design and a design for the back panel and window. after these items are complete i will start uploading some higher quality images and videos of the rig. https://www.facebook.com/DrewciferMods/ FINAL PHOTOS