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  1. Get your quality control fixed i mean did someone at your facility just decide hey we need radiators for the pro series lets just use these know one will notice ......As i got a standard radiator u shaped fins and i dont even know if it gonna work worth a shizz i guess ill have to wait and see cause im still waiting for my AMD hold down brackets....
  2. Also get your quality control under CONTROL not only did i have missing parts but the wrong radiator my fins are u shaped and not square one of the main reasons i bought this cooler was for the square fin design right now i have no idea what this rad is rated at fpi if it aluminium or copper or brass or just a hunk of metal >>>>>>>>>>And your RMA is SO SLOW i mean come on buy product get missing parts wait for missing parts then notice your radiator is not the same as pictured so 2 choices send product to you and pay the shipping to get it there then wait for you to decide if it can be RMA'd then wait for supper slow shipping back to me ive already reported my problem to newegg and yeah they will rma it but how the :) do i know im getting the right rad.. there not going to open the box and it seems there doing nothing about this for the long run of things .... which is stupid i would want happy customers for my products i told then straight out send all 240 pro's back for quality assurance will they do it probable not as long as they get paid ......
  3. Ok like i says in the tittle im looking for soem ideas to use for modding my case it is Punisher themed . im not going to do glass :) a piece of tempered glass will cost as much as buying a new case that already ahs tempered glass so im going to use acrylic Black and blue are my colors now i was thinking about doing a whole side window in acrylic and use a drimmel tool to etch the punisher skull and design like this with 2 50cal deseart egales on the sides . And maybe an stand inside the case with the punisher bobble head. lol any ideas would be awesome ...
  4. Ok if it is glass you can do it your self with glass etching stuff you put design on and put the paste like liquid on it have everything else tapped off and let it stay on it for the recommended time i did this years ago with wine glasses and other glass materials the etching will be like those glass chess sets i found the stuff at hobby lobby here in Missouri just use this link if you want to see the for hopping list on google
  5. OK just some ideas maybe adding diamond dust , silver to your Master Pro thermal gel as long as it doesn't have a bad chemical reaction to your Polymer oxides As i have tried to look up what Polymer oxides are and cant find anything .... But could be really interesting cause most thermal grease /paste /gels really have no difference in temps it just what the person prefers...
  6. Ok i would like to see the PRO in this series really go PRO get rid of the black tubing and go clear and make it expandable but affordable rgb lighting And please i know you feel the 2.38 mm-h2o is high enough but im already looking at the corsair ml pro which is 4.2 mm-h2o and has led's so kick some butt with the RGB but also give it a great mm-h2o
  7. I honestly just got the masterliquid pro 240 had to mod my bitfenix outlaw case to accommodate which know one has done yet lol , but was missing the AMD hold down brackets sent in request still waiting for it to be approved so i can finish my install but i would like to see affordable rgb lighting as most like nzxt charge a hefty price for having it and i would like to see the PRO series be expandable i mean it is the PRO series at an affordable price and get rid of this black tubing and go clear...And color options for your liquid IMO this would really make it PRO