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  1. I just installed my dual-fan Hyper 212X on my Supermicro X11SSH-F motherboard (socket LGA 1151, Skylake). The installation seemed to go without a hitch. The bottom plate fit the holes exactly in the middle position of the grooves in the feet, and installing the X bracket on the top was a breeze. But to my surprise, when I turned it on, I got the Supermicro splash screen, but then I got the bios beep code "5 short beeps, 1 long beep" repeatedly. The manual says this means "cannot read memory". I thought maybe one of the DIMMs loosened, so I unsnapped and reseated each piece of memory (all 4). No help. Any suggestions as to what to try next? BTW, I did have to completely remove the MB to install the bottom plate. I used static precautions, including working on an anti-static mat and wearing both an anti-static wrist band and anti-static gloves. Also, this installation replaced the stock Intel cooler (which was working fine, but getting too hot for my taste during stress testing with mprime). So I removed the cpu (XEON E3-1240v5) and removed the old thermal compound, Arctic Silver 5, using the Arctic Silver cleaning and surface purifier solutions. I stuck with this brand for the new installation rather than the compound supplied with the Hyper 212X because I have frequently used it. I applied it precisely according to their cpu-specific application instructions.
  2. Another question: It appears that the 4 holes for the 1151 motherboard form a square, not a rectangle, and the holes in the mounting plate, in the middle positions, are 7.5cm apart in each direction. Given that, can I mount my Hype 212X in either direction, either with the fans pointed North-South (where North is the top of the case) or East-West (where West is the rear of the case)? On my MB, the memory is directly North of the CPU, but there is plenty of clearance for it. My case is a CM HAF 932, so there are fans pulling air out of the top of the case and the rear. If I orient it East West (with the airflow blowing toward the rear, the air exiting the cooler fans would blow across the voltage regulator heatsinks, which might be an added bonus.
  3. I just got my dual-fan Hyper 212X and can't wait to mount it. But I have a few questions. First, I have a Socket 1151 MB (Supermicro X11SSH-F). The printed instructions do not list socket 1151, but it is on the CM Skylake compatibility list. Is the mounting the same as Socket 1150? For example, do I use the middle position in the 3-position holes on the "X" bracket, marked "LGA 1150/1156/1155"? Second, I was never that great at IKEA manuals either. Could someone clarify steps 4 and 5? It looks like the special screws "D" go through the top of the MB, and then underneath the MB they go through the appropriate hole in plate "C" and are secured by nut "4". Yes? Also, while the picture shows inserting all 4 screws in the top of the MB, it appears they will all fall out when you flip it over, so you probably need to secure one at a time loosely with a nut, then torque them down. How hard do you torque tighten them? Also, how hard do you torque the screws on the X bracket?