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  1. yes, but my fan pins are dying one by one, i need a permanent solution, a fancontroller fully compatible with nepton 280l is the ideal i think, and the fans make too much noise i would like to control them
  2. Hi, I'm using it for two years and yesterday he made his third victim, Fan Pin nr. 4. (before Cpu Opt and Fan Pin nr.1). I have 2 fans 140mm 4 pin + 1 pump 4 pin + 3 generic fans 3 pin... but only four pin still alive on motherboard. so now i'm looking for a fancontroller, i need at least something with 4 channels with 4 pins per channel (i can connect/handle the fans whith 3 pins on my motherboard ). Which one is the most effective and efficient for my nepton 280l? thanks