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  1. I recently decided to install an NZXT Sentry 3 fan controller and started work on it yesterday. After removing the bays, panels, etc, it was an hour long process figuring out how to install the actual piece of hardware. In the NZXT manual, it says to use the tool-less clips to mount it, but the Pro 5 tool-less clips attach in the middle of the bay, way out of reach for the NZXT mount. Meanwhile, the Pro 5 manual has zero information on installing a fan controller, much less acknowledging that it's even possible. So, I was sitting in front of all of the hardware, pouring over installation videos for both when I noticed a couple of small L-brackets that have the same mounting points as a fan controller and for the holes in the case. Looking through the Pro 5 manual again, it doesn't even show those as included pieces with the case. Fast forward and after trying to work my hands inside the case to install these L-brackets, it turns out the front fascia needs to be removed to access them, which again isn't included in the manual. 6 clips on each side and it pops right off, so I can lay it aside and have easy access. After that, it was a matter of 10 minutes of plugging up fans and figuring out the controller before everything was good to go. Now, I never expect to be spoonfed information, I can mostly figure stuff out on my own like this time. But it would be in CM's best interests if they addressed this sort of installation in the manual or at least showed the user what sort of parts were needed in order to mount, along with addressing the ability to remove the front fascia. Overall this case was a great purchase. The included fans are super quiet, even at max load, and were actually the reason I purchased the fan controller in the first place. Along with the magnetic top shroud and the super easy modulation, it was a great purchase for a first-time builder.