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  1. Hey everyone, Well I got my own master air maker 8 installed and running. Pretty damn simple install. Hardest part was figuring out clearances but I got it done. I am seriously impressed with not only the size of this cooler but also the performance and lighting of it. I used the transparent top cover that comes with it as it matches my case ( CoolerMaster Trooper - Full tower) I do have to say one thing. I do not know how anyone who runs either mAtX or anything less than a full tower case runs this cooler. It makes my ASUS Strix GTX970 look small. On to performance. I run an AM3+ board with a FX-8350 Black Edition. Stock clock of 4Ghz with the 42.Ghz turbo clock option on. With my TX3 I ran around 25*C idling and 57*C gaming with current titles such as GTA V and Infinte warfare. With the MAM 8 I now run 4*C and 40*C gaming with the same titles. I should also mention the fans are idling at 850rpm to achieve that 4*C temperature. I manually control them with MSI Command Center when gaming. I run them at 1000rpm when I am gaming to achieve that 40*C temp while running all 8 cores at full turbo clock. So yea I'm seriously impressed. I'm giving my old TX3 to a friend of mine for her machine. This cooler surprised the crap outta me. I will also note that it cleared my chipset heatsinks, barely cleared the one next to the fan. Intel guys may be in trouble with this one. I did, however, have some issues with my RAM. Mushkin Blackline with Frostbyte heatsinks. DDR3. 2133Mhz. I had to move my RAM to the 2nd and 4th slots and move the cooler fan up one slot to the 120mm fan latch location to clear my ram. Not a big deal but just thought I should mention it. Here are some pictures. choose files... Click to choose files
  2. Well I went ahead and ordered it. I will have it today. I'll post pics so people know how well it clears tall chipset heatsinks on AMD high performance gaming motherboards. I won't be able to vouch for Intel as the AMD brackets sit the cooler up higher.
  3. I use Mushkin Blackline DDR3-2133 with the Frostbyte heatsinks. Dual channel kit. 16GB in total. I'm not worried about RAM heatsink clearance. My board has plenty of space. I'm worried about the tall heatsinks on the chipsets surrounding the CPU socket. The red and black heatsinks in the pictures.
  4. hey everyone. I want to get the Master air maker 8 to replace my Tx3 with dual fans. I run an FX-8350 on an MSI 990FXA Gaming AM3+ Motherboard and it has tall heatsinks on the chipsets. Will the MAM 8 clear tall chipset heatsinks? Here is a picture for reference with my Tx3 installed. Thanks in advance