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  1. ADROMEDA 001

    Hello. This is my 1st time. I hope LUCK with me.
  2. ADROMEDA 001

    sorry. I had to pull out due to personal problems. Thank you to everyone who supported me over the years. SAD -__-
  3. ADROMEDA 001

    Gg. Agak keras jgk la. Spe nk klh XD
  4. ADROMEDA 001

    1 step closer.
  5. ADROMEDA 001

    Try hard with dremel moto saw. Gg
  6. ADROMEDA 001

    17/2/2017 : Tired day. I change many small parts. HUHU.
  7. ADROMEDA 001

    Ok. Basic Bones,PSU mounting, Mobo mounting done. Wait for the next updates. All basic build for this case 90% done. Hehe
  8. ADROMEDA 001

    Holy F**k. I cant belive this. it can stand by itself. GG son But 1 Hand missing. Ahahaha. Not eanough Alloy. Sad
  9. ADROMEDA 001

    Basic tools only. Sad
  10. ADROMEDA 001

    Legs and head. Hahaha. Sad
  11. ADROMEDA 001

    Mobo & PSU mounting done.
  12. ADROMEDA 001

    Salam bro. Hahahaha. 1st time masok ni nk all out teros. Harap2 ada rezeki la. Ty support
  13. ADROMEDA 001

    i decided to make model to my Adromeda bones. Not bad ah. Hahaha im using acrylic becz i don have pro software 3D. Sad
  14. ADROMEDA 001

    Sketch on acrylic
  15. ADROMEDA 001

    My idea based on these robot. Ty google