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  1. Today I cut out the inscription from plexiglas.
  2. Thank you, I will try to share photos with you.
  3. cmstacker

    Great idea with the doors from the lamborghini. Excellent !!!
  4. The language will be different from the earlier analog, now it will look like the original from the movie.
  5. Hello Bob is a good company! I hope we will succeed in fulfilling the projects on time
  6. Hi friends, I almost got to the final form of my fashion, I still need to work with him, of course, but the most difficult thing left behind.
  7.  Hello !!! Work continues on the skeleton, it is made of pipes.
  8. Yes, thank you, friend, I'll try to stay 12 days before the end. How are you doing with the project?
  9. Preparatory work, fine-tuning the form to the ideal.
  10. Working with the head continues
  11. Hello everybody !!! I continue to work on the language of someone else's, many options have been tried to make it protrude out of the mouth. It does not yet have texture, but I will work it out in the near future.
  12. It seems that the moment has already come, when I began to make a small jaw for the Stranger.