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  1. It's cool dude your system with water I really liked!!!
  2. Project ALIEN

    Thank you, friend, for your attention to the project, perhaps in the future there will be new projects. The big one starts small.
  3. Project ALIEN

    I congratulate everyone on Victory Day !!!
  4. Project ALIEN

    Thank you !!!.Yeah, I tried to make it on time .Unfortunately there was no time enough to implement some of the ideas in this project .
  5. [FINISH] The Red Hat [Hidraulic's System]

    Congratulations on the successful completion of your work. Looks great.
  6. Project ALIEN

  7. Project ALIEN

    Thank you! A lot of time and effort to create this moda.No here it is the moment of truth has come.
  8. Project ALIEN

    Thank you!
  9. Project ALIEN

  10. Final Submissions Open!

    Good afternoon, when they filled in the form of final registration of their fashion, I could not finish registration on the site, the system asked me to send you data by e-mail. I sent you the data, and the photo by e-mail, please tell me, my final stage of registration of my account was successful?
  11. Winged Victory of Mercy (COMPLETED)

    Your work is great!
  12. Project ALIEN

    Thank you friend!
  13. Project ALIEN

    Final photo of the project Alien Xenomórph.