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  1. Work on the project is boiling, new details are added. There will be dynamics settings, as well as a led matrix Lg will be installed.
  2. All parts are smeared, polished and adjusted to each other.
  3. Hi Friends, Almost all parts of the model were made and removed from the matrix. After that, grinding is required and giving some parts a more embossed shape.
  4. Hello friends! I will present several photos so you can see the whole process of the work done, removing the matrix.
  5. Hello friends decided to put a little pictures of the work done over the past week. Matrixes made of fiberglass, with epoxy resin, were made. There are a lot of work done, but in front there is not less.
  6. Hey. You will also use a fiberglass matrix with resin, your layout?
  7. For the first time I can say I'm doing this kind of work, so maybe some mistakes, but there will be experience.
  8. Unfortunately all the photos in the process of creating the matrix did not come off because the work is very dirty, all hands were in the resin even though I used gloves.I'll postorazh to tell in words. The model was covered with wax, followed by a separating layer, and the gluing of fiberglass impregnated with resin.
  9. e matrix for the creation of the project model.model.
  10. Hello everyone, good time of day! So the time has come when I remove the stelloplastic matrix from my project model.
  11. Good afternoon I add new details of the project, I made a tank for the water cooling system, it is a glass vessel with an internal channel made in the form of a spiral. Initially it was about 30cm in length, so I had to reduce it. Now it turned out 16cm in length. There was a lot of work , As the glass is badly cut and cracked, it is very but it all ended well.