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Since my 1st case mod back in 2003 or 2004 i think, the "plague" has gotten into me deeper and deeper as the years went by. 2010 was the starting point for my non professional case modding career. 2012 i made the "Cracked Turbine" case mod which is, for now, the best i ever did!! It might took me 6 months to complete, but the end result was far greater than the sweat i spilled during the procedure of this mod!! It participated in the "Case Modding Showdown" of 2012, but sadly no result because that was the last showdown that took place!! Since then, i am expanding my skills and my knowledge about this topic, my love, my passion, giving a part of me or "all of me" to what i am making at that time, which is Case Modding!! Thank you for accepting me in the community and i'll do my best to fulfill one of my greatest dreams, participating in a world renowned case modding contest by giving my all into this!! Thanks again and....see you in the worklog!!


02/04/2016 <3