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  1. Hello again!! Here is the work made with the 5.25" bay where the Freeman will be placed!! I'm doing it that way in order to paint it just like i wanted and have that effect i have on the face door panel!! Liquid fiberglass is a tricky material, you might get itch if you don't work in a well ventilated room or area!! There are only few steps to finalize the whole project so the eye of the Freeman will be harsh!! Until next update, Peace Brothers!!
  2. Hello again!! Last night i thought why should i bother myself with acrylic where the Freeman will be placed and not cover it with fiberglass?? Instantly i decided to do it!! My fiberglass hair was wet and used some cloth!! Now i am ready to make the first mixture!! Here is the area with some spare hair i had!! I let it cure overnight and now i will go for some inspection and further enhancement!!
  3. Here goes the rest of the process, i made some fiberglass mixture and added some droplets of the liquid and spreaded them along the coverage I added some more material on top of the logo's part!! So, now, i'll let it cure for a couple of hours or maybe overnight and next morning i will finalize the previously made lamda and the lamda for the other side panel, until then Peace Brothers!!
  4. Hello again!! Today was the day that i will be finalizing the second 2 logo!! So, lets get started!! I took the previously made 2 and marked the area of the thick acrylic!! Now, for the cutting, i decided to try something old, i took this kind of cutting bit for the dremel and started cutting the outline of the 2!! This bit is mostly used with a guide bolted on the nose of every dremel!! I must say this kind of cutting is much easier and more detailing because you control the dremel and where the cutting process goes!! Next i decided to attach the two pieces together to sand them down!! Seeing the last picture, i instantly thought to try something else, i thought to glue them together using some liquid fiberglass and then finalize them with the same liquid mixed with some putty so now i don't have to get that much detail as the material next will cover those imperfections plus it will create some kind of melted effect!! I will continue the update in the next post!!
  5. Hello again!! Until the amplification happens, i ordered these goodies!! A semi-modular Cooler Master 750watt psu and an angled hdmi cable which i'll need for the lcd screen!! Later on today, i will be finishing the lamda and the 2 logo which will be glued on the side panels!! Lets get started finishing the Freeman's computer!! He will get very angry if it doesn't!!
  6. Hello again!! Day time and i had to fill another crack on the first side panel!! Same mixture, same procedure but no thinning!! Next in the evening, i went to take some goodies i ordered for the "cause"!! What is it all about is two orange BitFenix fans and an EK slim single radiator!! Next, i decided to take the other side panel to fix a crack!! Here again goes all the same procedure with little bit of thinning with aceton!! This part i'll let it cure overnight!! What i'm planning next is to amplify the case with some iron angles we use for furniture, until then, Peace Brothers!!
  7. Hello again!! What i was talking about is that i found a crack along the effect's outline and kind of gave me goosebumps of fear!! I wanted to think of what i will do so i found out that i should amplify it with a mixture that a friend told me to!! What is it all about is liquid fiberglass mixed with two element epoxy glue and some silicon!! At first, i made it without thinning it so it was quite difficult to get it to go into the crack so i used a syringe for that purpose!! Enough talking, lets get to business!! Here is the crack!! I would like to apologize for the image quality because it was quite dark and little lighting!! Next i took some liquid fiberglass, a two element epoxy and some silicon glue and mixed them together!! Here is the first pass without thinning the mixture!! The mixture is quite dry and....hot!! Next, i decided to make the mixture thinner using aceton, the only liquid material that thins liquid fiberglass and cleans the equipment used on that material!! So, i took a syringe with two kinds of needles attached and putted them in and outside of the crack to let some liquid go through!! What happens next, is let cure over night and add some more in the day time!! This is a good chance to figure out how i will fuse the two painting techniques i am making in this case mod as the panel will not remain as it is!! For the painting i will be using, i'll inform you later on these days, until then Peace Brothers!!
  8. Hello again!! Today i decided to assemble the front face panel to see how it looks and i must say the result is very promising and satisfying!! Along with that, i run into some serious trouble i found out few hours ago on the side panels which i have to solve very quickly!! I'll post some updates soon, until then, Peace Brothers!!
  9. I would like to apologize for the days i was not posting, i had issues i had to solve, so now, lets get started!! Face panel door is painted with primer and sanded a bit!! So, next it was time to hit it with a thick layer of primer!! Here as you can see, are the main tools to achieve that effect i created to the front face panel!! Next, i painted it with a thick layer of orange color!! I run into a little trouble so i had to stall it until night time, so next i applied a layer of black matt color on it and then (as it was wet) i applied a plastic bag to create that kind of effect and i must say it quite satisfying!! What i'm planning next, is to assembly the whole face panel to see how it is going to look, until then, Peace Brothers!!
  10. Hello again!! Night time now and i decided to work on the face panel door and fitting again the lcd screen after lot of fiberglass resin has dripped where the screen should be mounted!! So, at first, i had to sand the inner section/shroud of the lcd screen!! In the meantime, lots of sanding and detailing was done with two more different bits for the dremel and the lcd screen came up to fit!! Next i decided to paint it with a layer of primer to see how it's going to look!! Next, i thoroughly checked the fiberglass for issues and found a very small gap between the aluminum and the fiberglass which made me a bit anxious so i thought i apply some cold weld there to fill it!! The hole there was a bubble created when i was applying the resin on the hair, so i thought to make it an advantage and then i applied there some cold weld too!! Tomorrow i will be sanding the fiberglass as the primer could not stick properly on the un-sanded area, so next day i will be doing some minor sanding on the cold weld too!! Until then, Peace Brothers!!
  11. Hello and good morning!! A few minutes ago i did some digging and recovered some of my good old goodies which i'll be using here!! What i'm talking about is an Enzotech cpu waterblock, an EK waterblocks tank with pump top mounted, an Ocool pump with the previous top i have and of cource the Phenom 2 1100t!! Those items were previously used in another water cooled case mod i did and i will be restoring their past state or even....painting them!!
  12. Hello and good morning!! Last night was cutting and trimming the edges of the fiberglass made the night before!! So, lets get started!! First i took my faithfull dremel with the speedclic disc on it and cutted the excess fiberglass along the face panel door outline!! First few minutes of cutting!! After that it was time for some more detailing!! I used the stone bit for the dremel!! After that for even more detailing i used some 60 and 80 gritt sandpaper!! Later on today will be done some more sanding and filling the holes with some fiberglass paste and might adding some more effect into the face panel's door area!! Until then, Peace Brothers!!
  13. Hello again!! I was told that what I did was not enough because fiberglass couldn't stick very well on metal surface and had to reinforce the area around the effect of the LCD screen!! So first I took a reinforced hair I had and applied some fiberglass!! Then I added some normal hair to reinforce it better with fiberglass of cource!! It has been reinforced almost everywhere so tomorrow i might do some cutting and sanding on it (after I let it cure overnight) and probably adding some effect, until then Peace Brothers!! Another happy part of the day was that the cpu finally arrived!! What I am talking about is a Phenom 2 1100t 3.3ghz!! It's going to be an exciting time!!
  14. Hello again!! Today I run into some trouble with the door panel and the fiberglass effect i made around the LCD screen!! The fiberglass was starting to remove itself from the aluminum panel and had to enhance it with some liquid fiberglass mixed with some putty!! Next step was to create the mixture!! And then applied in the cracks and all of the panel!! So what i'm doing next (after it dries) is re apply a layer with fiberglass paste in it instead of putty for more durability!!
  15. Hello again!! Yesterday was the day to make two of the pieces i needed for the other side panel which they are going to be placed mirrored on it! So, first i took the previous Lamda i made and marked the masked acrylic!! Next i took the 2 and marked the acrylic as well!! Cutting process went really well on both because the previous saw blade broke and replaced it with a harder one!! Here are all the pieces the perfected and the newly cutted waiting to be finalized!! As you can see there aren't many differences between the finalized and the newly cutted!! Soft saw blade makes the difference!! Later on this night will be doing some details on the lamda and the 2 and tomorrow will be cutting more of those, until then Peace Brothers!!