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  1. HammanChronicle

    Clean Slate

    this is someway i like . very nice modular adaptation .
  2. HammanChronicle


    Hi all Here my final Worklog Hope u guys enjoy it !!! this is only i got as to finish it . will improve more soon , and i make sure i will deliver the best i can Thanks to Coolermaster for this event , without it i would not be here . Thanks to all sponsored company , those who are really trust newbie like me . I will appreciated it forever !! Thanks to all member who support me and those legendary mods who are willing to share knowledge !! .
  3. HammanChronicle


    ampang area , kenapa bro ? kedai cat kereta member tumpang cat
  4. HammanChronicle


    installing watercooling .
  5. HammanChronicle


    Thnks bro . WOW a moderator from malaysia , good to see u bro i try kick my lazy :) to update u guys !
  6. HammanChronicle


    hi , this is update for undercoat/color apply Applying ram and processor Time ticking on ... cant really writing , hope picture can do ^ ^ . will update more asap
  7. HammanChronicle

    Pantai cenang, Lautnya biru.

    nice! its truly epic masterpiece bro !
  8. HammanChronicle

    Mod 4th: Inverted! Finished!

    damn this is masterpiece from mastercraft . really enjoy ur posting . i wish i had own landed house to put all the machine and start crafting haha
  9. HammanChronicle


    Hello guys i gonna update about WC that i planing to put . here is thermaltake reservoir from pacific RL240 , beside tt is barrow reservoir . ' and i printed/copy the tt cap/bracket And here is latest picture whole assembly , two reservoir already on model , got more part need to setup , hope i can settle that fast . 10 days to go !!! good luck to all !!
  10. HammanChronicle


    Here Update for GPU slot cut and positioning Sorry for slow update due to much focus on mod assembly , sometimes i forgot to snap it. i will try my best to update tq .
  11. HammanChronicle


    Hello there , just quick update , gpu slot and ssd and Avexir RAM Thanks ADATA for the gaming SSD (being told this is new product from Adata) SX950 Avexir Blitz going to be the ROCKING this project Thanks Avexir for this superb RAM
  12. HammanChronicle


    Hi all This is latest progress for Battleship project. I manage to put reservoir and radiator which is its follow what i plan earlier . unfortunately i need 1 more reservoir to be put into battleship model . For now i put GTX460 gigabyte for just only dummy , as now i waiting my GTX980 to slot into it . Will update for it later . see u guys soon .
  13. HammanChronicle


    Coolermaster in action. Thanks for da support
  14. HammanChronicle


    Presenting ..... " AORUS MOTHERBOARD" from GIGABYTE mode : Z270X GAMING K5 Tq Gigabyte for support me motherboard and processor
  15. HammanChronicle


    Hi .. Here i gonna update listed view for my 3dprinting stuff and also my latest update for project . all will be printed and polished using primary coating after sanded . and final would be color coating . Thank You for https://www.facebook.com/pebbelreka/ for support me 3d printing service. While All 3d printed parts arrived , now im focusing on how to fit the radiator . Im using wirecut machine to cut the bracket . Now lets fit in our structure rod Well its nice fit . ... that all for update stay tune for moaaarrr.