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  1. Finaly got everything i've needed to move forvard hardware vise: slightly moded intake CM fan exhaust fan 80mm was installed as well power supply mounted on pin like shaft for easy install/remove, on left hard drive mounting plate. And finally base plate for mother board , on left You can see cpu cooler which was weird enough for this wacky build heh heh.See Ya.
  2. I think i call it a day, bit high on fumes A lot of painting happened : two brass bushings were inserted and secured with silicon decided to sand off original paint from front mesh so they pop out a little now we getting somewhere... most likely gonna put steel wire inside pipeing to keep it in desired shape and position not 100% shure about this piece, may have to use if nothing better comes my way. Very tempted to start on the wig all ready cos its a part i am really excited about but on the other hand shoulda start putting hardware into bottom part of build ...maybe just flip the coin and let the fate decide ? We'll see.
  3. Finaly somebody had the guts to tackle Alien Cheers!
  4. Catch as You can ,man. Never let lack of tools stop me either . Heavy duty setup, i like it.
  5. Sorry to hear about the house man ,plus You have double dead line to work under that aint no picknick, but i am sure You going to swing it ,and it looks like You are "in the zone" with the project so hang in there .Cheers.
  6. Well ,things happened ,a lot of cutting some grinding and a lot of fitting and re fitting .Typical case of Spontanous modding if You will. plastic replaced by heavy duty stainles steel mesh. cut outs in bottom and upper bowl for air intake were made and 120 mm fan was temporaly mounted for sake of demonstration ,still waiting for CM fan to arive piece by piece King Mob is coming in to existence. here's glimpse of hardware in action running linux out of live usb stick with 4gb persistent file mimicking hard drive. Mobo ,psu 500w ,cpu and ram were donated by my beer buddy Ukobach , God bless his heart (its not hoarding when You have enough storage space heh heh). Thats it for the moment until next burst over the weekend
  7. That's the spirit ! Cheers man.
  8. All right ,made some modest progress, nothing fancy just stuff that had to be done:cut outs for mesh a little bit of foam for fitting most likely gonna paint the bottom bowl black. Hope to start working on something more exciting this weekend : My wife just rolled her eyes.....
  9. Was a bit curious about temps inside case especially with this silly little stock cpu cooler : Aint half bad but there was no real stress on system either ,anyhow i can live with that for now.
  10. Nice and easy , i'll better warn You guys that i am going to free-style crap out of this baby and cross every bridge when i get there . No idea yet as to what i am going to use for hard ware ,worst come ,i will canibalize Iggy a build that i am using for gaming.No sweat. So far i've scavanged some nice mesh from old home theater speakers and made some sketches for the layout: Here's bottom bowl sketches ,mesh ,intake fan and hardware. Most likely i'll spread components to allow better air circulation so mobo will end up at intake fan level.Loving all this improv aproach so far lets see where it'll take me.Byo.
  11. Once a modder ,always modder. Well my body rested for few days after Slick completion , but damn brain kept on crunching data so here i am again with something more rebelious and less polished , a plastic punk project . Here's materials what i've managed to gather so far : two 11 liters plastic punch bowls, 2 meters of electrical sleeving ,ca. 10 meters of round foam sealant ,bunch of welding wire of various gauges, brass bushings and some drive chain elements for bling. When i did that another idea poped up:Voila, instant frag granade pc case .I chuckled like mad scientist for a while and decided to keep that idea for rainy days. What i am really planning to do is based around character King Mob from comic book by Grant Morrison ,Invisibles .King Mob mask to be precise. I hope this baby will fly .
  12. Well ,there are two fps games :Metro 2033 and a sequel : Metro :Last light based on Dmitry Glukhovsky novel. If you like post apocalyptic themes in survivor/horror games i recomend those two.Most of weapons in the game were kinda DIY stuff like pressured air rifles with bearing balls for bullets etc... Gas masks were necessity and mutants everywhere , in one word FUN. Played both and liked them. Give it a go if You find time. Cheers.
  13. Very intriguing , reminds me a bit of make shift gear from Metro games. Good luck man.
  14. Solid work ma man, great idea to have power switch at your fingertips without fumbling to turn system on.
  15. Much obliged , I'm one happy mother right about now , on my way to pub to celebrate ( wife aproved ) made some more pictures in day time: Cheers.