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  1. The last days have been really good, in means of getting things done- now the assembly can start. I am happy to show you my case- the case, the Maker Theater will be sitting on:
  2. Hello, everybody, I am bjpc, (Bernd Joachim Puwalski, 41, called Jo) and want to invite you to my ITX- project "Maker Theater"! It is thankfully dedicated to the Masterliquid Maker 92, that was the base-stone for this project and has been sponsored by Cooler Master Germany. It will be a custom-welded frame case with a 1:87 scaled diorama on top. Due to the fact, the AMD based ITX build shall be used as a HTPC, the diorama will show a classic cinema scene- inviting to see movies like "Rebel without a case" or "The Modfather". The case itself, I will try to keep as compact, as possible, with a thin- frame- construction, that is closed only by acrylic panels in fluorescent blue. This log will be kept updated, from now, to display, how my vision of a "Maker Theater" will look like. Update 06.04.:.... after starting this work log in February, more than 60 % of the project are done now. I have prepared the rest, and all materials are waiting, to be used. So I can start this work log updated with the Front- View of the "Maker Theater"- be welcome there! bjpc Here pretty much of the parts and material so far is shown. The 1:87 scaled models, in my opinion, have just the right resolution to fit nicely to the hardware, for making the desired effect. UPDATE 18.02.2017 Now, with some further planning, I got, in addition to the theater kit, this skyscraper- building-site kit. In my imagination, it will frame the Masterliquid Maker, even better than having it housed by the cinema like I firstly started. The missing parts for the build now are there- steel in diameter 10x10 for the frame and 15x20x2 for mounting parts, as well as 20x2 for planning blindspots. I will weld with 1.6 mm rutile electrodes. To set highlights, I enlarged my Dremel Machine Fleet by the Engraver, that for sure will allow me, leaving my personal finish to the frame and other parts. Needless to say, that relying on Dremel for a mod or scratch build is the safest way to succeed in any changes or producing steps made, and no news, at all. The Powers, Reset- and Lighting- vandalism switches come with the small diameter of 16mm and just are perfect for my needs. Just sitting around.... But in the background, the acrylic, I plan to use for covering the case is to be seen: a blueish fluorescent panel, whose polished edges should glow nicely, when lighted from inside The Vallejo color sets are for airbrush as well as for paint- brush and will make a close-to-realistic appearance possible, away from "looking-like-plastic" only. With the fine-brush- set, I should have nice results, I hope. The aluminum case- feet, at last just will make a good look in the end. With the truck being the first modded part, there obviously is a thought of mine displayed... I am working on it- and attending to this year's Case Mod World Series really is something, I dream of. Anyway, I will just keep this build log up-to-date and we will see, what I can post next, here... With being officially registered to the Case Mod World Series 2017, I will start with this project in Scratch Category. Thank you, Cooler Master, for confirming it. Update March, 1st 2017: As the first very modding step, I changed the tubing of the Masterliquid Maker 92, and set the Ram to its watercoolers. Next step shall be using Leaf Silver, to set highlights I also started with assembling the Theater kit With receiving more and more hardware, now some specs come into focus as well. The system will be powered by this: The APU A10 7890K was provided by AMD- I am really glad, they decided, to support me here. And thankful. The APU will find place on an Asrock A-88M-ITX/ac board The hard discs- 2TB WD Black are sponsored by Western Digital- thank you, for giving me this chance. When it comes to peripheral water cooling, the parts all have been supplied by Alphacool International and Aquatuning- here for cooling HDD´s and RAM: For the proper preparation of the loop and the perfect look, Mayhems helped me with sending me Blitz Kits for preparation as well as Pastel liquid and Ultrapure Water, even when the to be used pastel black already was provided by Aquatuning. I think it will be a good combination, in the end- Thank you, to Alphacool, Aquatuning, and Mayhems at all! With the build from scratch is not complete of course, Cooler Master gave me these marvelous peripherals, on top- I really appreciate it, thank you so much! For now, that´s pretty much it- there will be the welding work coming up next, and detailing, of course. The Frame base with the angled arms was the start of the construction: With the base frame welded, a first test fit was possible Now some progress can be shown: the mainboard as well as the two WD Black HDD´s, set on an Alphacool PSU cooler, are carried by the frame, now. It soon is about to fine-sand and lack-off the frame and the body will be ready. A part of the acrylic side windows are semi-fitted, already, and the windowing of the case can be accomplished soon. Today, I added the mounting rails for the radiator, and set the PSU into the Theater, for convenient access 2nd of April: Today I finished the RAM- and HDD- loop from Alphacool- run by a DC- LT pump that is fed by an eloquent pump-top reservoir, two main tubes are set below the HDD- cooler. The loop has been prepared with the Mayhems Blitz Kit and is ready for be taken apart again, for the frame final- painting. The pictures show the inspection by the planning department, per usual The Masterliquid Maker 92 AIO CPU- cooler was up to be finished, after the leaf- silver application, I set some color highlights. Only a proper cable- management left to do, and the integration into the skyscraper- building- site around it. Loving details: Get your tickets for the premiere now- pre-sale has opened! Now, after adding the majority of the front details- here is an impression of a night shift at the Maker Theater: And here is the latest result- Ticket counter and visible interior like Concession finished, also lighting and weathering: With now having finished pretty much everything of the cinema building, it is time to start with the building site next to it...after the already finished crane, I assembled a concrete truck, and tried to give it a real look....
  3. mastercase 5

    Hello, S.PiC, your Project Vega is fantastic to me. Great construction- The shapes and lines are for me so tastefully set, really a desirable design. Best of success to you at the finals- bjpc
  4. Hey, I really am a fan of your walkman- My memories may trick me, but I think, with 6 years, I was given one to a feast would not claim it was the same model- but who could forget the headphones- with the foam saying goodbye, soon...Great mod, you may already know, I am a silent follower! Cheers, Jo
  5. Thank you very much, I as well appreciate it! I just try to give my best into it- like everyone here, for sure. I am happy, you like it. Cheers!
  6. Hey, it´s nice, to meet you around here! Your design is outstandingly cool. All the best and mod on- Jo
  7. with taking filling and sanding really serious, now the moment for lacking off the frame had come. I decided to use a metal- paint, that I applied with spray gun at 2,8 bar. It worked out nicely, and soon the frame is good to go. It was fun, using paracord, I had left from a project before, to hang the frame from the ceiling- hehe I really thank you for your interest in my project. Jo / bjpc
  8. Thank you very much- I hope, I can do it, like I hope for everybody, who is working on finishing, atm as well.
  9. This is craftsmanship! A very good and true piece. The polishing- not from earth! My respect to your passion. Jo Puwalski aka bjpc
  10. Well, fortunately, today I passed the point, at which I am sure, I will get it done in time- common around, I guess :)- after applying the "victim coating" and some more filling yesterday, today, I fine-sanded it again, and worked off the extra filler, I needed to build up uneven spots. The next step was, to adjust the Acrylic top to the finalized dimensions- nothing easier, than screwing it fast and sanding it clear. Also polishing the edges was nice to do, and with this done, I really could see a glimpse of the result.
  11. Thank you, sir, I appreciate, you say so.
  12. Hello, Mr Stephenson, I want to congratulate to this intensely tasteful and stunningly symphonic build. My hat off to you. Jo Puwalski / bjpc
  13. After yesterday's last welding steps and filling, today I fine- sanded the case and applied the "victim-coating"- a primer, to uncover all scratches and irregularities for fine filling and final coating.
  14. With the banner graphics, I wanted to create a real- looking building site detail I tried several materials, knowing paper or photo paper wouldn't look good enough. After failing on printed water paper on gift foley, I decided to "misuse" adhesive white paper- by using the carrier sheet to print on. This now has the almost transparent look, an original printed cloth at a building site could have. I decided for the format 8x8cm, a number that is through and through positive, nice when it can be used, always. To have it more sail- looking, I really stiched it. Of course. As to be seen on the pictures, I completed the scarfolding, by adding every security provision and finished it by weathering.
  15. Today I went back to steel work- I had to close the case´s I/O Side. One piece is full- sheet, the other one is mesh, to allow some additional airflow from the side. In my planning, because the radiator position half is closed, brings some side- airflow, by the pull of the radiator fans. The mesh is cut below because the ball-valve comes out here. The drilled hole will house a grommet, to pass through the 220V power cable, that again will pass the top plate, to meet the PSU. I just did not want to have the power cable hanging down the top plate. At the end of this, I pre-sanded and cleaned the whole case with Isopropanol, to have it filled at last.
  16. With the- let's say- basic works done, now it is time to create the housing for the Masterliquid Maker 92, the foundation to this build: I wanted to have a good view, but limited access, for having easy everyday use granted. I found this skyscraper building site kit above, and used it to free design this new building: This banner, in future, shall be positioned as an expectable project banner on the building, and was done after the shape found- with live design as only planning: With the "architecture" found, I next gave it a more natural steel beam- look: After this, I was to add some realistic details- even, when normal building schedule would say different order, here it is always with respecting the view to the "basement"
  17. This shall be the worklog for my ITX HTPC project "Master Theater" whose star is the Cooler Master Masterliquid Maker 92. My plan is to create a full-scratch Pc with the space of 28 x 28 cm used, to display a classich Movie Theater entry moment, next to the Maker 92, scale- wrapped into a skyscraper building- site, scale 1 :87. I plan to usee two HDD of 1 TB, a blu-ray drive, 16 gb of ddr3 Ram, all based on a AMD A10 7870K APU on an ITX Wifi board. I am happy, to mention, that this was confirmed as entry to the Scratch Build category of Cooler Masters Case Mod World Series 2017. Ram and HDD will be independently watercooled by a DC-LT pump-based 13/10mm hardtube loop The pictures show the first modded details- the Maker 92 re-tubed, and highlighted with Leaf Silver. Also the general material, to be used, is shown.
  18. Hello, I started the buildlog before registration in the regular scratch build forum- not sure now, if this is valid- or if not, movable?