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  1. mastercase 5

    Hello, S.PiC, your Project Vega is fantastic to me. Great construction- The shapes and lines are for me so tastefully set, really a desirable design. Best of success to you at the finals- bjpc
  2. Hey, I really am a fan of your walkman- My memories may trick me, but I think, with 6 years, I was given one to a feast would not claim it was the same model- but who could forget the headphones- with the foam saying goodbye, soon...Great mod, you may already know, I am a silent follower! Cheers, Jo
  3. Thank you very much, I as well appreciate it! I just try to give my best into it- like everyone here, for sure. I am happy, you like it. Cheers!
  4. Hey, it´s nice, to meet you around here! Your design is outstandingly cool. All the best and mod on- Jo
  5. with taking filling and sanding really serious, now the moment for lacking off the frame had come. I decided to use a metal- paint, that I applied with spray gun at 2,8 bar. It worked out nicely, and soon the frame is good to go. It was fun, using paracord, I had left from a project before, to hang the frame from the ceiling- hehe I really thank you for your interest in my project. Jo / bjpc
  6. Thank you very much- I hope, I can do it, like I hope for everybody, who is working on finishing, atm as well.
  7. This is craftsmanship! A very good and true piece. The polishing- not from earth! My respect to your passion. Jo Puwalski aka bjpc
  8. Well, fortunately, today I passed the point, at which I am sure, I will get it done in time- common around, I guess :)- after applying the "victim coating" and some more filling yesterday, today, I fine-sanded it again, and worked off the extra filler, I needed to build up uneven spots. The next step was, to adjust the Acrylic top to the finalized dimensions- nothing easier, than screwing it fast and sanding it clear. Also polishing the edges was nice to do, and with this done, I really could see a glimpse of the result.
  9. Thank you, sir, I appreciate, you say so.
  10. Hello, Mr Stephenson, I want to congratulate to this intensely tasteful and stunningly symphonic build. My hat off to you. Jo Puwalski / bjpc
  11. After yesterday's last welding steps and filling, today I fine- sanded the case and applied the "victim-coating"- a primer, to uncover all scratches and irregularities for fine filling and final coating.
  12. With the banner graphics, I wanted to create a real- looking building site detail I tried several materials, knowing paper or photo paper wouldn't look good enough. After failing on printed water paper on gift foley, I decided to "misuse" adhesive white paper- by using the carrier sheet to print on. This now has the almost transparent look, an original printed cloth at a building site could have. I decided for the format 8x8cm, a number that is through and through positive, nice when it can be used, always. To have it more sail- looking, I really stiched it. Of course. As to be seen on the pictures, I completed the scarfolding, by adding every security provision and finished it by weathering.
  13. Today I went back to steel work- I had to close the case´s I/O Side. One piece is full- sheet, the other one is mesh, to allow some additional airflow from the side. In my planning, because the radiator position half is closed, brings some side- airflow, by the pull of the radiator fans. The mesh is cut below because the ball-valve comes out here. The drilled hole will house a grommet, to pass through the 220V power cable, that again will pass the top plate, to meet the PSU. I just did not want to have the power cable hanging down the top plate. At the end of this, I pre-sanded and cleaned the whole case with Isopropanol, to have it filled at last.
  14. With the- let's say- basic works done, now it is time to create the housing for the Masterliquid Maker 92, the foundation to this build: I wanted to have a good view, but limited access, for having easy everyday use granted. I found this skyscraper building site kit above, and used it to free design this new building: This banner, in future, shall be positioned as an expectable project banner on the building, and was done after the shape found- with live design as only planning: With the "architecture" found, I next gave it a more natural steel beam- look: After this, I was to add some realistic details- even, when normal building schedule would say different order, here it is always with respecting the view to the "basement"