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  1. I do not want to spare the final impression, of the project set up into its final home: The APU is dealing with the UHD TV easily, without mentionable lagging of mouse, which really is great. My family is happy with the new "Entertainment" -a new, much more immersive quality for us.
  2. I just can´t wait for the final pics- really great idea- and even greater crafting! So cool.
  3. I wish best of success to you! Awesome work!
  4. The final post- what a feeling. After using the bank holiday weekend for adjusting the last small points, now the final pictures are taken, and I am about to submit my entry. Upset, yes, but happy, and delighted, that I could do it. I will add some pictures, including the "big 5", to show you my project now ready- Maker Theater welcomes you all- Let me share my Mod description of the form here: From Hardware choice planned as a Home Theater PC, this project is of two major aspects- the first is the fully self-made case of welded steel profiles, that frame fluorescent blueish acrylic panels. The hardware is mounted underneath the top plate, to allow the AIO Masterliquid Maker 92 to break through the surface. Here the second aspect of the mod sets foot- a 1:87 scaled diorama, of a neighbourhood from a classical movie theater to an active building site, where the so thought "Processing Plant" for the cinema is built around the AIO, to lift the cinema up to the future of digital entertainment. The Diorama consists of model kits, like the Theater, the crane or the concrete truck, that have been assembled by the plan- All other builds are created from mixed sets of the skyscraper building site or the lift, e.g.. All parts have been airbrushed in means of aging or coloring, and the lighting, by tiny LED, was wired mainly undetectable, to give it a clean look. The figurines in front of the theater all have been hand-painted, and the blue acryl here and there was given some structure by sand-blasting. Speaking of the hardware, here an AMD APU is perfectly treated by the AIO. The two HHDs and the RAM are cooled by a 3x80 radiator water-cooling loop. The radiator exhausts into the theater building, that houses the blue-ray player and the 450 watts PSU, which then exhausts to the back. The back roof of the theater also carries three switches- Power, Reset in the middle- and lights. On the back, where the power plug sits, a small orange thumb switch is placed, that allows to turn on and off the welder on the building site. From my testing so far, the CPU runs at lowest 45°C in idle and increases to 55 under load- that is fine in my eyes, thinking of the compact situation in the case, and the AIO being the only fresh air supply to the lower part- which works nice, in means of airflow. With the AIO being the heart of the project from the beginning, here it shows both of the strengths it has- CPU cooling- and air cooling of infrastructure- under unusual conditions, here, I find. The HDD are set on an origin PSU cooling plate, for which I designed a mounting solution, that allows to screw tighten the HDDs to the plate for good contact with fastening them to the upper frame rail as the mount at the same time. For the reservoir, I designed a latch, that is screw-tightened to the frame by a roundly clamp. The build size is at the bottom 285mm x 285mm, 395mm x 395mm the plate, height to the plate is 115mm, total height to crane tip is 400mm. Weight is some 15kg, it is carryable nicely, I can say. In closing, I want to add some personal note- this project started by Sylvain Najjar of CM/Berlin, who agreed to supply me a Maker 92- I love this product, from design and technique views the same- and I wanted to do my own "bjpc solution" from it. After doing a very massive and bulky concrete build, last year, I desired something small, and it came from thinking of, that a Home Theater PC was needed- to create a real cinema experience. Thus lacking a beamer, while space is full, yes fully, but reasonable used, in the end, I wanted to create something, you love to see, each time, you come across. The decision for scale model usage was then an hommage to my father, who once showed me his tricks when I was a boy. So this work today is dedicated to the good times we had together, and shall be a greet to him. With showing the building site, I want to honour the builders- the women and men, that really make our infrastructure, when just taking myself back, and thinking of, how special could my work be, if there were not so many peoples work, I am not aware of in my every day- here is some hommage, as well. Finally, the visitors to the cinema are of my inner perfect society- just humans, coming together, to see a movie- that's all. I want to thank you, for accepting my entry to this Case Mod World Series of yours, I hope it is a considerable one in the field of all 96. Thank you from the heart, Jo Puwalski/ bjpc So thank you for having a look on my project, if you are contestor, like me, I wish you the best result, believing, being part of the contest and enduring such a special time is the first and most important win to gather- Thank you All! CPU: AMD A10 7890K Mainboard: ASROCK A88M-ITX/ac GPU: Integrated R 270 graphics RAM: G.Skill F3-2400C11D 16 GB DDR3 Storage: Western Digital WD BLACK 2x 1TB PSU: Corsair SF450 CPU cooler: Cooler Master Masterliquid Maker 92 HDD cooler: Alphacool PSU cooler Ram Cooler: Alphacool NexXxoS RXP-1 RAM-Cooler Radiator: Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 60mm Triple Radiator with 3x 60 Noiseblocker NB-BlacksilentFan XR1 controlled by Aquacomputer Power Adjust Pump: Alphacool DC-LT with plexi top and reservoir Hardtube: Alphacool UV clear 13/10 wit black Eiszapfen series fittings Sleeve: MDPC-X Liquid: Mayhems Pastel Black Lighting 4x Cooler Master Universal LED Strip white
  5. After finalizing the building site details today, I am happy- and yes, also proud to introduce you to the finished setting- only the guest are missing- but they will be there, right in time, to the movie´s beginning ;)... here are some pictures of the test shooting for the final pictures. Thank you very much, for following my build until here.
  6. After the PC in itself came to life, and the major building aspects have been fulfilled, I now can dive back into the world of the small things. The Maker Theater as building so far is completed, only two positioned drilled holes for lighting cables needed by the building site (funny to write this, in a way) are scheduled. But on the steel beam construction, I have some more small stories to tell- Welcome to the occurrence of project "Maker Theater"
  7. A wonderful moment- it is running! I thank you, for following it to here. I am overwhelmed by my feelings, no PC before was so close- not even the concrete PC I did. I thank you- more is not in my head...here are the very first pics:
  8. Thank you!!!! Well, this is to be said about your piece of art, as well- please take my compliment, for a really independent style! I mean it. Cheers!!!
  9. Today was led by wiring everything up- HDD`s, ATX, fan controller with USB-cable- shortening (big fun ) Pump and LED and the Maker 92 of course. This done, I reassembled the loop completely, flushed it with Ultra Pure Water, I was given by Mayhems, and then filled it with Mayhems Pastel Black. For good three hours now, I have the loop on test- and de-airing- run, and am confident, to close the case tomorrow, and having all set up, to firing it up, after the PSU in the Theater will be mounted.... let´s see Here is some impression of how the cables look and the blackness of the liquid at all:
  10. With the side panels set, the hardware was ready to move in- BUT- first of all, the 24-pin ATX wanted to be lengthened.... I am sure everybody has his way to do it best, I just keep to my safety rules- no matter what- check trice.... mainly it helps.... so with this reply, only the radiator and its hardtube routing is missing, and the fine tuning for the cable management. A good feeling, to apply the thermal paste for real, now- and set the Maker 92 to its home. I am confident, to be right in time. ...yay! :)
  11. Hey, S.PiC, thank you for your compliment in return, I am happy, you took my comment for good. But I must state, that mastership only on the very last day of life is available- until then, I´ll keep being a traveling learner- but thank you at all, really.
  12. Now, the acrylic panels are set into place....it made me remember optics lessons in science education...these times, I was not aware of the joy, I have now- I also assembled the painted HDD-cooling block
  13. The last days have been really good, in means of getting things done- now the assembly can start. I am happy to show you my case- the case, the Maker Theater will be sitting on:
  14. Hello, S.PiC, your Project Vega is fantastic to me. Great construction- The shapes and lines are for me so tastefully set, really a desirable design. Best of success to you at the finals- bjpc