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  1. Mystery Mod

    So finally the build is COMPLETE after all the Cable Management, testing, acrylic fitting, etc etc ... Images of the build below:- Special Thanks to CoolerMaster India, Asus India and HyperX India for the components:- Case Mod Theme: KITT from Knight Rider
  2. Mystery Mod

    UPDATE fitting in all components in the case after the case is dry and checking the placement of the magnetic side clear panel after bending it in shape:- and then tucking in the led scanner circuit in the ODD cage:-
  3. Mystery Mod

    Update: Here is a the Self Made KITT LED scanner Circuit on a general purpose PCB using a 555 IC and 4017 Counter IC. Then i plan to place it under the Case Handle and Behind the Acrylic cover which was hand cut to shape:- And then glued using hot glue:- the LED scanner light will be placed behind the Dark Acrylic later... Now to paint up the front panel and top cover to Gloss Black :- and then the case:-
  4. Mystery Mod

    Now to get the scanner led circuit made on a general purpose pcb as below. So after constructing a circuit for the Kitt scanner led, testing it out and how it looks behind a black translucent acrylic. So after this it's time to set up the motherboard and gpu right to ensure proper stability and fittings... Noe yo proceed with the acrylics and the final paint job. Update to be posted later today!
  5. Mystery Mod

    Alright now i have started to break open the case to change the orientation of the motherboard. i plan to sit it on the plate over the psu, this way the GPU fans can aslo be seen. Now i start to drill out the rivets to open up the case.... Then for the horizontal mounting of the motherboard, i cut out the back panel of bracket on which the motherboard back plate fits and also the pcie expansion bracket (for GPU only). Now to tap the holes which i made for the refitting of the bracket Then finally use a file to smoothen the sharp edges where required.
  6. Mystery Mod

    UPDATE So special thanks to Coolermaster India and Asus India for sending over the items listed below which I'm gonna use for this mod:- - Intel i5 6600 CPU - Asus B150M pro gaming Aura RGB motherboard. (yay RGB) - Asus Strix Gtx 1060 GPU. - CoolerMaster Mastercase 5 Maker Case. This is it for now I believe I'll be looking for a suitable air cooler, ram n psu for this mod as it develops. So who remembers that awesome TV series starring David Hanselhoff before baywatch? Images below:- 
  7. Mystery Mod

    Hello ! I am Bilal Moolji, an engineer and marketing professional, a tech enthusiast, a graphic designer and a musician by passion. Two years ago i developed a passion for gaming computers and started my own brand called Cezor. I wanted to forward this by adding my passion for creativity and hence explored the world of pc case modding. Having built and modded a few coolermaster cases, this year i have decided to challenge myself by registering for the Case Mod World Series 2017n using the Coolermaster MasterCase Maker 5. More updates on the build shall be posted soon.
  8. The Undecided

    stiil in conceptualization.....