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  1. AVOID

    Project AVOID is now finished, please se first/second post for all info and final pictures!
  2. AVOID

    Based on a Cooler Master Mastercase 5 Maker, AVOID is a build with focus on sharpness, glow and dangerous performance. My ambition for this project was to elaborate and explore this case potential. Then, allow me to follow and enhance it in my project. With this mod, I took my time to see what the case could offer. Things as shape, colors, materials or a certain feeling. My goal was to work with my first impression, explore and transform. I'm not a huge fan of casemods with parts added to it everywhere. Actually I like the challenge to let the finished casemod clearly show which case that has been used. But at the same time stand out and show how something can be refined with small, well planned steps. My finished AVOID has got details you will need to search for. The closer you look, the more you'll see. HARDWARE: Case: Cooler Master Mastercase Maker 5 Motherboard: Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming CPU: Intel i7 5960X Extreme Edition RAM: 8x4GB (32GB) Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 3200MHz PSU: Cooler Master V1000 SSD: 2x Crucial MX300 525GB GPU: Gigabyte GTX980Ti Xtreme Gaming COOLING: CPU: Alphacool NexXxoS XP³ Light Brass Black Chrome RAM: 2x Alphacool D-RAM Cooler X4 Acetal Black Nickel Radiator: Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 420mm Pump: Alphacool VPP655 PWM Eisdecke D5 Acetal V.3 Res: Alphacool Eisbecher 250mm Acetal + Satin tube Fans: Cooler Master Masterfan 140 mm 16/13 Satin hard tube, fittings etc. from Alphacool. Fluid: Aquatuning AT-Protect-UV-red Lights: Deepcool RGB LEDs, Phobya UV LEDs, Alphacool UV ring/reservoir LEDs
  3. Final Submissions Open!

    Got the same as MT.Mods, There was an error in your registration. Please contact mod@coolermaster.com.tw. E-mail sent aswell.
  4. AVOID

    This will be the second logo on display in this project. As the graphics card got a main location and is in focus I will change the Windforce logo to my own AVOID logo. Simple and clean. It will probably not be noticed at first but when you look closer. That's how I like to work with details. This will be my last update before final submission. I've chosen to not show all parts that's modded and my intention is to create mystic and curiosity while looking at my finished mod. I hope you'll like it! I'll end my project log with an in progress picture showing me elaborating with RGB and UV lights to get all parts and my fluid to be glowing as I want them to. Thank you and see ya at final submissions!
  5. AVOID

    So we're getting close now. Almost all parts are ready for final assembly. SSDs are painted and mounted, all cables are sleeved and routed through dedicated holes. The entire water cooling loop is finished with pipe lengths, fittings, a new reservoir, pump assembly and drain tube. About time to get the fluid ready! Just a little fan-teaser at the end
  6. AVOID

    Okay, my plan is to put two "AVOID" logos on this casemod. This is the first one and will be part och the backside case cover. This one is done by hand using a paper template. I think it's a great time to remind my fellow modders that you don't need a laser cutter for this. Just time, ambition and some simple tools. For this I used a jigsaw and a couple of different rasps, that's it. When the cut out was finished, I glued an acrylic sheet to the backside. Together with RGB LEDs this logo will look awasome. You'll have to wait until final pics to se the finished glowin logo!
  7. AVOID

    When fans are ready for final assembly I could carry on with panel-work inside the case. My lower chamber will have a cover plate with both SSDs attached to it. Cables, both power and signal are routed in behind each SSD and completely hidden when they are mounted. In these pictures below the acrylic has been painted on its backside to create this ghostly mirrored depth. With LED strips this low chamber/plate will look perfect. As I like to put my time into details, this mod will be built to survive the most close views. A huge part of this detail work is cable management. I decided to do all cables from GPU 2x 8pin, ATX 24pin and CPU 8 pin in anomynous black sleeve. With ambition I routed them seperately through the mid plate and motherboard back plate not using any kind of extensions. Probably a bit stupid but will look flawless when everything is in place.
  8. AVOID

    I said fans would be painted, they were, with this special can. You see what's gonna happen? THIS!
  9. AVOID

    While pipes are ready for final assembly I'll move on to some other crucial parts of this project. My two Crucial (hehe) MX300 525GB SSDs will get some black paint to better blend in with the overall theme. I'll keep the stickers intact to be able to show of what kind of pieces they are though. Pay attention, this fan mod is part of my key feature and signature for this casemod project. There is RGB fans all over internet these day and I've tried hard to find a way to stand out with something different and great looking. I've come to the solution that I'll use paint, but not just any paint... Getting the fans ready was at first a pain. One fan was sacrificed and all messed up when I tried to remove the fan blades from the motor/frame. Later I found out that you just need to pull hard enough straight up and the fan blades will let go. But it takes alot of force and feels like you'll rip them appart. With fans disassembled they are ready for my custom paint job.
  10. AVOID

    Finally done with all acrylic panels (still need to paint them and make holes for cables and pipes) and I could start with pipe routing. This was my first ever custom loop and I found out quite soon how tricky it is to bend these large tubes without messing them up. I've choosen Alphacool 16/13 mm satin tubes because I want the tubes to be large and clearly visible even from a distance. It struck me though that satin tubes are extremly sensitive to scratches and grease. Just keep the tube in your hand and you'll have fingerprints all over. They could probably be whashed away but seams to stick in that sand blastered surface. With this new knowlege I continued my work with clean cotton gloves leaving no marks what so ever. I decided to make my pipe routing unique with this "hidden loop" design that I choose to call it. What it means is that all pipes from CPU and RAM will be routed with bends down behind the vertical mounted graphics card. With this I hope to create something eye-catching and interesting. My ambition is to make it difficult to see with ease how the water is flowing. Lets start with renturn pipe from CPU to reservoir. This Alphacool res I'm using also makes this more interesting as I can use both inlet and outlet at the bottom, with no need to route a pipe to its top lid. Second up is the supply pipe that I will route from the pump down below through the mid plate and straight up to right RAM-block. Some hours later and things starting to come together pretty good! Note that the reservoir got this short outlet pipe that's also acts as a support. With this in place I only need a guide bracket at the top and the reservoir will be almost free floating. When satisfied with these pipe I decided to end this mod session by installing hidden LED strips in both sides of my now open front cover. These are UV-strips and it will be clear sooner or later what they will enlight! As I kept the noise canceling foam on what's left of the front cover I could cut slots in it and hide my LED strips. Now they won't be visible but able to create some pretty amazing effect later on. Stay tuned!
  11. AVOID

    So, as the top cover will be open and provide see through down below, I need some acrylic as window. For this I choose Makrolon, a polycarbonate that's absolutely clear. I used the original frame as template for my window, also re-using its thumb-screws for fastening! I'll keep the cover on until final pictures to save it from any scratches. With top window done I continued with the internal design. Instead of painting the inside parts of the case I will use a special diffuse opal white acrylic to achieve a ghostly depth in the panels. It's just the cover that's ice-blue by the way. All these acrylic parts will be painted with matte black paint on their back sides. I tried it on some smaller parts and it looks amazing. 4 mm of diffuse depth will swallow my lightning in an unique way. This show off will yet have to wait until final pictures, because I will neither not remove this protective film before I need to. I will prepare sheets for the motherboard tray, the lower PSU + pump camber (both side and bottom) + the mid plate and side of the radiator in front. I said that my GPU should be mounted vertical and this case got a rear panel that could be made for this! Right next to the PCI covers there is this mesh for extra ventilation. Just about the right size for a GPU mount and located cloose to the side window. I used a simple hand-cutter and got my hole in about the size needed. Then grinded the edges down just a bit matching the combs. For the actual mount I used a 2-slot aluminum piece taken from an In Win D-Frame Mini. This one received 8 mm spacers and was then bolted to the case mid plate. Rock solid! For the connection I used an angled Li-Heat PCI-e 3.0 extender cause I want this to work flawless. With about 15 mm spacers the GPU will now be lined up perfect and linear. Gigabyte 980Ti Xtreme Gaming lurking in the dark.
  12. AVOID

    As I want everything to be united in appearance for this mod, some hardware needs to be modified. I think it's sad to see that modding your hardware isn't that familiar anymore. Perhaps it's because of better looking components or there is more to choose from these days. Anyway, my motherboard got white and red parts that has to be removed or painted. Lets get to it. I/O and audio shroud and was removed and painted matte black. I also removed all heatsink covers (sorry Gigabyte, no more logos). With these things done and all my ram + ramblocks and CPU-block mounted this assembly looks dope! Actually the radiator got some paint aswell to be all perfect. A Killer! I just had to bolt it right into the case and see how it looked. Pretty damn good right? My wide open top cover will also show my internal parts from a bit different kind of view. This means I will need to work hard and make sure everything will look perfect from side window and top. I'll make sure my pipe routing will give you satisfaction! So far, so beautiful. It's amazing to see how my small and simple mods are about to transform this case into a quite unique project!
  13. AVOID

    Lets begin with case modifications to handle my modded top cover. The case got a metal "spoiler" at the back which the top cover hooks on to in it's locked position. I hade to split this spoiler in two and keep only the far sides. This was made because of my open back end of the top cover. Back to it's original position with rivets and no one could say that this was not factory design! As the 420 mm radiator is not supported I had to cut a custom hole in the bottom of the case. Case feet design in shape of an arc will pass right over and protect the radiator and fittings from any damage when bolted back in to place. I will use the two ports facing backwards together with 90 degree angled fittings back up into the lower chamber of the case. Bottom ports are later perfect for drainage and change of fluid. Just need to remove the case feet and good to go!
  14. AVOID

    This is a think outside the box moment. I got myself 8 memory modules to play with. They were always planned to be water cooled, but not in what kind of way. The most common way should be to rip all original parts off the modules and attach new covers prepared for a ram-block. That's actually kind of boring and by doing that you toss away all that is of the original memory design. In this case Ballistix matte black texture and logo. Instead I came up with a different solution. Probably not the best regarding cooling, but hey, do I even need to water cool my RAM? Nope. Allthough colling will be next level, it's all for the looks. Anyway, I stipped down my modules and removed the aluminum top. Then I carefully drilled and threaded them. Reassembled everything back together and now I got Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 with ability to mount Alphacool x4 ram-blocks on! Perhaps the first 8 modules ever!
  15. AVOID

    Instead of making new front and top covers I will transform them with a couple of simple steps. But I need to be carefull and not scratch or harm the surface. Actually, I'll do all my mods with ambition to keep factory appearance and color. This could even be a bit harder because I plan not to paint any parts. Paint could otherwise be a good way to cover your tracks when cutting or grinding something. Lets see I'll manage it through this entire mod! I began with the front, covering it with sensitive tape and then marked my cut. I don't own a Dremel so I went for a bit more hardcore sawing. I grinded the last millimeters to be sure not to mess things up. At last I polished the edges and got the plastic to almost identical color as the paint that's used in the factory. Same procedure for the top cover! This shape will allow me to get a see through window at the top and a very evil front! Covers still have their magnets hidden and are attached to the case in the same way as before. Perfect.